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    Ahh, someone I can identify with. I am the only radiology nurse in my 100 bed hospital also. I am married to a rad tech, my son is a rad tech, and his WIFE is a rad tech, so I felt I could bring a unique perspective to the job (left ER due to burnout.) My question to you (all of you, really), is do you feel a lack of respect from the "regular" nurses as to the challenges we face? It is impossible to get an SBAR from Med/Surg when they send their patients down, and they have placed me in some untenable situations. I think they feel, "Off the unit, not my problem," perspective. My manager is a Rad Tech, and supports me, but won't stand up to nursing management. Does a sentinel event need to occur before anyone will listen? Is this a universal problem, and how do you all handle this?