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    Oh, I just saw the alabama nursing school forum... mods, please move as you see fit.

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    Hello everyone, I have just applied to USA's RN to BSN online. I am looking for anyone who has graduated from the program. It seems pretty self explanatory, except for the practicum during the last semester. Any details on the amount of hours it requires and what you have to do would be appreciated. I would also love to know if you enjoyed the program, how hard it was, more papers or tests, etc... I work full time, take care of my mom, and have two children, so I need to make sure I am making the right choice, not only for me, but for my family.

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    I am very frustrated. I read from page one to page forty something when I was interested in applying to Ohio University. After seeing how long it took chuckster to get in after applying, I sat back and waited patiently, knowing it would be quite a while. For chuckster, it was 4 months, I think? So I have not posted in a while. I applied on July 9th. Here it is almost five months later, and nothing. I was hoping to start in the spring, which I thought was a reasonable amount of time, but I see that hope slowly slipping away. I am trying to hold on because all of you seem satisfied with the program after getting in, and the price is great, but I'm losing hope fast. Who should I contact regarding this? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Oh that is so good to hear! Thanks, Parker!

    Okay then, one more question. On the fafsa, it asks, "When you begin college, what will be your grade level?" Then it lists these options:

    First year/Freshman
    Second year/Sophomore
    Third year/Junior
    Fourth year/Senior
    Fifth year/other undergraduate
    1st year graduate/professional
    Continuing graduate/professional or beyond

    What the heck am I? I graduated ADN from a two year community college. Does that make me a first year graduate? Or by "graduate", do they mean BSN, in which case I am an "undergraduate", since I don't have my BSN yet?

    Thanks for your help. Trying to get this right so I can avoid any red tape later.

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    Hello, all. I'm new to the site and had a quick fafsa question. I graduated last year with my ADN. I am planning on going back for my RN to BSN online. I have always been under the impression that, in order to be eligible for a Pell Grant, you cannot have a degree. I had a Pell Grant when I was in school for my ADN, very thankful for it. So I thought that I wouldn't be eligible for a Pell Grant to get BSN, because I already have a degree. However, I had a friend at work tell me that I was still eligible, because I didn't have my BSN. Only after obtaining a BSN are you considered ineligible for a Pell Grant. Does anyone have any experience or information that might clear this confusion up for me? Thank you in advance!

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    Hello all, my name is Leslie. I am new to the site. I have to say thanks to chuckster for starting this thread. I too am interested in Ohio University's online program. I submitted my application today, hoping to start in the spring. I am glad I found this thread, because now I know I need to be patient with the whole process. A couple questions:

    1. Does anyone know if you need a Ohio license?
    2. I know there are several classes that I need that I haven't taken yet, like statistics and chemistry. I think I saw something about how the statistics class needs to be 4 credit hours and not 3, or it may not count? My local community college offers Elementary statistics online, but it is only 3 credits. Also, does it matter which chemistry? they offer Into to Chem 104 Inorganic Chem, Chem 111 Organic Chem I, and Chem 211 College Chemistry. Do any of those count?

    I am in the dark when it comes to all the credits and transfer stuff. I went to one community college and took all the credits necessary to get my ADN. But from the way yall are talking, the technicalities of class numbers and descriptions vary greatly between universities. There seems to be alot of grey area and debate regarding classes that should count, but don't, and so forth. I don't want to take any classes that will not count, but I did want to tackle a couple prereqs in the fall while I waited on Ohio State for the spring.

    Based on the chart listed here:
    I need a chemistry, statistics, sociology, nutrition.

    But at the very bottom of the page, it states,
    "NOTE: These course descriptions are for the BSN degree only, they do not include electives."
    So is this saying that I need more classes than the ones listed above? And if so, does someone have a link to a list? Their website is very confusing, and I am becoming frustrated already with my lack of knowledge on the college admissions/transfer process. I don't mind waiting, I just like to have a plan.

    Any information given would be greatly appreciated.