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  • Apr 13 '12

    [QUOTE=mmulligan23;4086529]I'm starting to think they lied to us about the nursing shortage.

    There is no shortage of licensed nurses. The shortage is caused by RN's wanting to only work part time after they have their experience. When the recession hit husbands loss their jobs and their retirement accounts took big losses which forced all these part time RN's return to full time work. Also the economy has caused hospitals to cut all their training programs for new graduates. I live in Washington State have had my license since Sept 09 and still nothing. I even work as an LPN for Kaiser and Kaiser will not even hire me for RN positions because they do not want to train me.

    I hope once and for all they stop the nursing shortage warning. The pool of new RN graduates continues to grow who are without work. This will make the recovery even longer. Unless we get a health care reform package insuring people with no health care insurance the recovery is going to take at least 2-3 years.