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    Hi dear nurses I recently graduated last April under BSN program. I just came here a month ago because my visa will be expiring. I didn't get the chance to take the local exam in the Philippines because of this and bec I had decided to pursue my career here in the US, specifically here in California. I already requested for my school requirements and may I ask if it is okay if I will be the one to mail my requirements to the BON. I live in San Diego. Is it okay if I just put that it came from my school and mail it from here, in San Diego to the CA BON? my cousin got a little confused so he mailed the requirements I asked from the school to me. So do you guys think its okay If I just send them to the BON? Well the envelope is sealed so what do you think? thank you so much guys! hoping that somebody would answer me.. please
    no, CA BON is strict... TOR and other requiremnts from ur school is mailed by the school, or u can ask someone in the philippines to mail it using DHL, UPS or FEDEX but using the address of ur school and mail it to CA BON..that's what i did, at first I was the one who mailed my TOR and other documents from school along with my application letter, but the BON replied that they do not accept it if it came from me... instead i asked my sister in the philippines to get a new copy of my TOR sealed then mailed it using DHL...

    with regards to your local license, i think you have to explain in writing why you did not took the Philippine board exam, you may call the CA BON for further info about it...