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  • Sep 14 '11

    Quote from ygv101
    It is time to adapt the new world now, for you too, as a nurse, as you konw the impact of diversity of culture and nationality. Please remember, if other RNs or MDs can speak the American language with an accent, that means you need to be able to speak at least 2 different languages, be strong and be a winner, do (space)not be a loser and sob in your frustration.
    ygv101, not picking on you, but if communication, in relation to medical treatment or instruction is unintelligible, it is not only useless, it is dangerous. The world has not changed. Only the acceptance of sub-standard performance is new. Ask British and Indian (Continental) physcians and nurses who were practicing in the 50s, veterans of the Rhodesian civil war, or former French Legionnaires.

    This is ignoring the logical fallacy of a requisite based upon an incidental variable.

  • Jul 8 '11

    Quote from dudette10
    i just want to add a scene that i remembered from a couple weeks ago after a test.

    a bunch of us were sitting in the student lounge.

    the asian indian and i (the whiter-than-white, my-family-discovered-plymouth-rock white) were helping the accented caribbean-african woman with her dosage calculations homework. the filipino girl who aspires to be a crna and the greek chick with the chronic illness that she's managing quite well were throwing in suggestions. the nigerian girl was rubbing my shoulders because i complained that my neck hurt. the polish girl came up and offered us all jelly bellies as a job well done on the test we just took. the black chick with five kids and a job came up and grabbed some jelly bellies out of the container, too, then nearly gagged when she got a flavor she hated. we all laughed.

    god, i really love my school. :heartbeat
    diversity rocks!

  • Jul 8 '11

    I am a white male (MINORITY in nursing) and work with a very diverse group of nurses in my male RN, asian, etc. etc. I have never experienced what you are saying whatsoever. Most nurses, nursing students, and instructors are respectful and mindful to all of us. We did have a black LPN student who acted like she was entitled and better than most of the white students, though we all were in the same class, but other than that its been pretty positive. I think its really a matter of perception/attitude most of the time.