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  • May 20 '14

    and good luck to you dfwnurse2be on your interview! hope you get it! good thoughts to you

  • May 16 '14

    Finally got the email that I've been moved up to the hiring manager. Glad I still have a shot at an interview....

  • May 13 '14

    I also could probably get a job at Mt. Sinai as well. Just finished my capstone there in the ED.

  • May 13 '14

    Northwest community in Arlington Heights....

  • Apr 30 '14

    Quote from DFWnurse2be
    Lrbone - No, I have not heard anything back yet either way....You?
    I have not either!! Hoping that we are still in the running! I emailed HR today but she is out of the office until tomorrow so I'll let you know what I hear back.

  • Apr 28 '14

    I havent heard either way and also interviewed on Tuesday!!!!!!! Good luck, DFWnurse2be!!

  • Apr 23 '14

    I have been offered parkland ER and have accepted! Love to know the others I will be in residency with! Will give you my face book page because we are going to be together for 16 weeks starting July 21st! Congrats to the others who got it and for those that didn't, DO NOT GIVE UP. I am always willing to help those new nurses that want to get that job they are searching for.

  • Apr 23 '14

    DFWnurse2be, sorry for the late reply and thanks for the update. Yeah I interviewed on the 11th. I have no idea how it went for me. A 15 minute interview is very short so I left feeling like I couldn't express myself as well as I would have liked. Hard to say how they going to make their decision but best of luck to everyone including myself =P.

  • Apr 22 '14

    I accepted the OR position here!!! I'm so excited

  • Dec 6 '12

    If its not up today, I'll be so tempted to pitch a fit! I know I wont, of course. But my inner 5 year old will! I just want info!!! :P

  • Oct 3 '12

    I'm Hoping We Find Out This Friday Or Next! Just Remember Whatever Happens Is In Gods Plan. Everything Only Happens When It's Supposed To...Out Of Everything Bad Is Something Good We Just Can't See It @ The Moment. I'm Not Being Negative I've Just Been Rejected Before And Emotions + Anticipation Is Nerve Racking. However We Are Cream Of The Crop Regardless. We Are All Gonna Become Nurses REGARDLESS!! Stay Positive Guys. MUCH LOVE. ♥♥

  • Apr 23 '12

    Libra, thank you so much for writing all of that!!!! It took me a year to figure out what mattered as far as getting in and the way you explained it is, fortunately, the way I finally understood everything This will be so helpful to so many! Will you do us a huge favor and copy and paste this on the Spring 2013 board??? Those of us waitlisted and/or applying for Spring are on that one. Thanks so much for this info, and good luck on your journey! Anything else you can offer to us hopefuls is always welcomed!