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    Mansfield, Ohio...near where I live.

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    Case is a great school however! I graduated 2009 from case with my msn and CRNA

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    I am from Newfoundland and did my undergrad and nursing program there. I now practice as a CRNA in Ohio, USA. In my opinion, there are no CRnAs in Canada due to the socialized medicine system. It does not fit the financial restraints of the govrnment funded health system to enable more access to surgery by using CRNAs!

    In Newfoundland especially, the government does not want to pay money on surgeries, as evidenced by the 6 month or more long surgery wait lists. They use the shortage of providers to their advantage. Flood the system with CRNAs, and they will have to pay for more surgeries, and this does not fit there budget. This sounds syndical I know, but it is true!

    I too would not go back to practice as a CRNA! The cut in pay would not be worth the move!

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    I am currently involved in a case in which I am specifically named in litigation in medical malpractice for a flash fire case. BTW, a note of interest is that the MDA, who was "medically directing" me at the time, is and was never named.

    A word of wisdom from someone who is living it, practice like you are in a CRNA only group, cause when it hits the fan, you will be on your own!!!