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    Quote from HollyUTM
    After graduation, our teacher required us to do the NCLEX RN 3000. Being a LPN, the RN gave us a challenge and also taught. I had other books and everything, but she told me to not do those, to practice soley ont he computer disk. She said to enter 205 questions so that you could get used to taking a long test. Then she said that when we got to seventy five percent frequently on that test, then we are ready for boards. Now, TO ME, I found that disk to be harder than my boards. And I came out of my boards knowing that I passed. It was a hard test, but with that disk, I found it easier than anyone else in my class that took it. Just a thought! There is also a book that I bought called 3000 bullets for passing the NCLEX PN, and it was a good lil book, although I did not get all the way through it due to spending most of my time on the disk. This book is just little bullets of information, instead of like your regular textbook that is endless, it has short, concise to the point need to knows. Hope that helps


    I have to take the boards soon and wish that I had the disk you spoke of. Where does one acquire such a tool? Good luck.

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    Quote from steff_rn1
    [font=Arial Black]Thanks so much for the info and words of encouragement. I will check out the local library and try to find a study/revierw book. Have a blesssed day!

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    Quote from steff_rn1
    Thanks for the info and encouragement. I plan to check out the library for review practice questions etc. Thanks again

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    Quote from Pamela Lynn
    I really admire you! I, too, live in n. part of Indiana. Want to start Pre-Nursing soon - here you are studying for the NCLEX. Wow. What fortitude to stick with your program. I am an older student looking for a small nursing college, not big classes...Was wondering if you can get a loan in order to study for the big test. It'll prob. be worth it. Then you're most likely "home free!" Sounds exciting to me. I wish you only The Best!!
    Yes, I too am an older student/grad I decided that it was time to give something back. I plan to check out the library for study text books and to continue going over my notes. It's stressful at this point. Good luck in all you do

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    I'm newkiddie,
    And new kid on the block. Recently graduated from the LPN program in Indiana. What's a cheap...meaning 0 Cost way of preparing for the NCLEX. Where is there a source of free study materials?

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    [font=Comic Sans MS]Hi, I'm new to the chat room scene and a recent graduate of the LPN program here in Indiana. School has wiped me out financially and I'm looking for any tips to a free way of studying for the NCLEX. Everyone wants money, and I haven't any.