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    Is the $3500 for Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans? There are also "Alternative" student loans, which I don't really know much about, but do
    a search on this website for "Alternative Student Loans" or "Private Student Loans"
    Hope this helps!!

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    I worked 40 hours a week in Blocks 1 & 2 and got decent grades, but I was
    in the P/T program. In Blocks 3 & 4 I will only be working 1 day a week as
    an extern. I am taking out students loans to help pay for bills. I don't know what you financial situation is, but have you thought about student loans?

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    Congratulations !!! :hatparty: :hatparty:

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    Ill be doing the FT one.
    I believe the F/T program is a little more organized that the P/T program. I'm sure you do well there. Good luck to you.

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    How do you like glendales program? I hear its one of the best in the state.
    Well, to be honest, the first semester was fine, but our Block II instructor left and this last semester was very disorganized to say the least. Are you thinking of enrolling in the P/T or F/T program? I did have a couple of very good instructors though, and I've heard good things about the new Block I instructor.

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    Hello my name is Jared and this is my first post to the Arizona board, and just wanted to say hello to everyone A Little about me. I am 24/M Pre-Nursing student nearing the completion of my pre-reqs at G.C.C (spring 06 im totally done FINALLY! I was a former Scottsdale community college lifer until this semester,tired of the drive), anyways, I was curious to know if anyone here goes to GCC now as a pre-rn student or are currently enrolled in the RN program. I would like to extend my friend circle to people going into the same line as work as me ( im really big on comradery),and my current class load limits me to really finding out who the other pre-RN/RN students are. From my past experience on other forums i made friends with many other nursing students at S.C.C (who were also scattered around the campus)So if you currently attend GCC leave your post THANKS!

    P.S. if you have messengers my profile info will give you them also
    Hi Jared,

    Welcome! I'm a Block 2 student in the P/T program at GCC.

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    Quote from klone
    Just trying to determine if there are any in-state programs in which I could get an MSN/CNM degree.
    Grand Canyon University has a Master's degree program, and UOP and NAU have
    on-line programs.

    There is a CNM on-line program offered through Frontiers College in Kentucky.
    Go to Good luck!!

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    Quote from CrazyPremed
    Hey folks,

    I will start Block I this winter (hopefully), and was wondering - what skills are learned during Block I here in AZ? Catheters, EKG's, what else? Also, when are IV starts covered, in Block III? Thanks in advance!

    We did NG's, Wound Care, Foley's, passing Meds, injections and IV's.

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    Quote from thrashej
    Thank you again!

    Wow, I am taking Patho now, will that make this especially hard for me or maybe give me an advantage over the others that had patho a while back?? Guess it seems it could work both ways, although I even forgot parts of anatomy! I can't believe how little I seem to know now!

    All your feedback helps. I need to get organized.........FAST. I have to relearn also how to be a college student! I have taken a class here and there for a while , but haven't had a full schedule for I don't know how long. Your tips hopefully will help me a lot. Your help has been appreciated more than you know.......I have no one else to ask!

    I am in the process of forming a study group.......hopefully a good one. Honestly, right now, I hope I come up with a better plan cuz I am trying just to get the reading done this week. And no outline, so I don't know how I will remember it!:stone Well...........deep breaths!

    I'll let ya know what I come up with............Hey, you didn't tell me where your clinicals are!!!:uhoh21:
    My clinicals are at Thunderbird. What about you?

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    Quote from thrashej
    Glendale Student........

    The reading alone looks like it would take 10-15 hours!!!:uhoh21: Do you "skim" the reading or something? Some of it seems not so important, do you just try to get out the important stuff? I am thinking as I read that I am never going to remember this! Should I be taking notes or something? I think of doing that, then I think, but how will I study too and finish the reading too. Or is this herein lies the stress of nursing school?

    I just feel like I don't have a "plan". I feel very disorganized. It has been a long time since I have juggled multiple classes and took notes other than during lecture! Can you give me any more tips to organize myself and my studies...what do you do first, the second, then last as far as throughout the week? If you can tell me, what were your grades for Block 1 doing what you did? everything out of the books on the tests or could I actually skim read the reading and study hard the power points?

    Oh, where are your clinicals at Block 1? Thanks! I have Patho with ******.....thanks for the tips though!
    For Process, I read the chapters and I taped the lecture. Later at work, I would listen to the lecture on tape, while I was working. (I got low 90's on my tests doing this). Many questions on the test were not covered in lecture, so you definitely need to READ THE BOOK. If you have time, make an outline if that helps you. I do believe that writing things down helps to reinforce it in your brain. ( I didn't have time to do this).

    For Assessment, the first test I ever took, I got a 76%---the material just seemed so easy, it couldn't be hard, right? WRONG!!! I made the mistake of just studying the powerpoints. After, the first test I started studying the book and working from the workbook and got low 90's and high 80's.

    For Pharm, I studied the book and workbook and got A's on my first 2 tests, and then the tests got harder and I started to get low to mid 80's. (The first couple of tests were kind of easy, and many of my classmates told me they only studied the powerpoints and did ok).

    I ended up with all B's in all of my classes.

    I also spent a lot of time in study groups with classmates and that helped. We would quiz each other over the information.

    Memorizing the information won't help you in Process. KNOW YOUR PATHO. Your patho class will help you in your process class. The questions are application..."WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?" type of questions.

    I study/read 2 hours every morning and throughout the day on Sunday (I study for an hour, do some housework, study, eat, study, etc). On the week before a test, I throw in extra time to study in the evenings (usually with/classmates).

    I didn't have much time for social activities, or even watch television. I do think you should set aside some time (like one night a week to do something fun, even if it's just to watch a favorite TV show).

    Everyone is worried about their 1st test...DON'T FREAK will do fine.

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    Quote from thrashej
    Ok, Luann and GlendaleStudent, I know you are in here!!

    Well, I have started school and am sufficiently overwhelmed I believe.

    Wanted to know now....Glendale work FT. Tell me how you prepare for your classes. Do you just read and then only take notes in lecure and study lecture notes for tests? I am sortof trying to feel out whether I should even bother outlining info from the text before the lecture, only because I have patho as well and don't know if I will have time.

    Please give me an idea of how you break up the assignments and what your study schedule is like (what you do first, second...)

    I'm flailin' around here. This is the most school I have had in over ten years! Thanks so much guys!

    Anyone else have any tips.........please respond!!!
    Hi!! Did the instructor give you Power point lecture notes? I had different instructors, but this is what I did. For Process, I read the book. Some people did outlines and did well with that, but I work 40 hours a week, so I didn't have time. For Assessment, I did the study guide (the entire thing, not just the multiple choice questions.) For pharm, I read the book and did the multiple choice questions in the study quide. Also, there are NCLEX questions for the books on the EVOLVE website. I spent about 10-15 hours studying/reading every week and I would double that time to study for a test.
    The first tests will be the hardest because you don't know what to expect, but you will be fine. Good luck!!

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    Quote from Calzonan
    Thanks so much for your replies. Everybody has been so helpful. Where in the east valley do you live?? How long does it take you to get there? Why did you pick GCC as a school? How long of a wait did you have? It just seems like I have so many questions and don't know where to turn. Once I'm in the program I will be in it for 2 years of my life so I want to make the right decision.

    Thanks again!!
    I live in Mesa. On a good day (no traffic), it will take about 45 mins to get there, but if the traffic is really heavy, it can take an 1 1/2 hours.

    I picked GCC because I work full-time and I would have to wait longer to get into the P/T program at GWC. I only waited one semester.

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    Quote from Calzonan
    I was just wondering about the GCC part-time program. I read under another thread that it is just on Fri and Sat's. Is this true?? I live in Gilbert right now, but if I only had to drive there two days a week it would probably be pretty doable. I've got my app in right now for fall, but fall's full up and I'll have to redo it for the spring aps and was just wondering if I should put that down as an option. I've tried calling the advisor, but we all know how hard it is to get in touch with them :chuckle . Any suggestions I'd appreciate.
    Hi Keli,
    I am in the p/t GCC program and I live in the East Valley. There are times during
    the semester that you might need to come to school during the week other than Fri/Sat. I'm not sure how your program will be (they are switching instructors this semester), but towards Finals, we had to do check-offs and I'd go in to videotape during the week and also there might be times when you will want to practice in the lab during the week since your time in the lab is limited on Fridays and Saturdays because you will be in class.
    When you start clinicals, you will need to go to the hospital the day before to pick out your patient. You will need to go to the hospital in the afternoon on Thursdays. Hope this info helps.

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    Quote from thrashej
    Glendale Student and you guys work in healthcare now? If so, did going to nursing school help you get your job?
    I don't work in a hospital right now. I do know that the instructors write letters of recommendations for students that want to do an externship after the 2nd block. I think those that work in a hospital/healthcare facility have a slight advantage because it is a totally different environment than an office. It was a little intimidating for me when I first started clinicals. I felt like a fish out of water...a little clumsy.

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    Quote from Kabin
    There are a few relatively quick entry options such as Grand Canyon University and, I imagine, the Pima Medical Institute. Usually the downside is cost, but remember some hospitals pay off student loans for a few years of work commitment.
    Sorry to change the subject, but do you know which hospitals in the Phoenix area, offer to pay off student loans?