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    Hi there,

    Some classmates and I are trying to figure out an answer to a question for our pediatric's class. What would be the best answer to the following?

    When teaching an adolescent scheduled for an appendectomy about what to expect, which of the following approaches would be most effective?

    • Providing the primary essential information
    • Using age appropriate jargon with explanations.
    • Using diagrams when explaining procedures

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    Thanks for the information...

    I "hired" my mom who lives in another state to do this legwork for me since I am in class ALL THE TIME and studying ALL THE TIME. I can't believe that they make it this difficult to get money. And yet the school offers an accelerated nursing program where you can't work. Catch 22 (isn't that how life always is?)

    We checked out the BankOne/Chase EducationOne loan and they have a % origination fee. I'm taking out so much money as is, and they decide to take another $2000 and apply it to my ridiculous loan amount. I guess this country loves to place people in further debt than they already need to be. If you're not using a credit card, take out a loan with a ridiculous origination fee :angryfire

    Thanks all!

    I've got bigger things to worry about now. Just learned how to draw up parenteral medications and am nervous as heck about actually sticking someone with it!

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    I am currently in an accelerated nursing program in NJ and am finding it very fast paced. My class has become family and feel like robots most of the time. It's funny how they constantly reiterate that nurses are burnt out and stressed and offer ways to reduce stress for ourselves. Yet, these kinds of programs completely stress us out!

    We just started on May 16 and almost 2 months later, we have already completed 4 classes and I am classified as a sophomore already. By the end of August, I will have completed 7 classes and will only have a 10 day break before the real clinicals begin for the fall semester! That's the only break all year.

    The week before July 4 was the worst ever! For several weeks before that one, we had classes from 8 am until 9pm. So as soon as you made it home, you had to open those books, complete whatever was due the next day and hop back into bed to be at school the next day by 8am. So that week of exams was completely intense. I realized that a regular sleeping pattern doesn't happen. Whenever you can get sleep-if that means waking up at 3 am to study for a few hours and refresh your brain for a few hours of sleep, that's the way it's going to be done. It's definitely do-able. I'm passing with good grades right now, but real clinicals are at the end of August. That's where the real knowledge comes in.

    If you can find one that's stretched out a little longer than 12 months, I'd go for that one. If not, the 12 month program is doable, but very very intense. My life is on hold right now for 12 months...


    Quote from Nathalie
    I need more advice.... Yesterday I found out that I was accepted into the Accelerated Option Program at my Nursing School. I did not even apply for that but someone along the line thought that I qualified for it. My GPA is only a 3.0 but I made it in. the accelerated program at that school is only 1 year so now im really scared. I spoke to an advisor this morning and she told me that it was realyl intense and no students were allowed to work, which is OK. I dont mind not working. I would just concentrate on school. The fact is im realyl scared. Any success stories out there? are any of you going through an accelerated program? what would you advise me to do? the first semester looks like this: Summer Part 1= Intro to prof. Nursing
    Inc/ Fam. Comm
    Pharm/ Path 1

    Summer Part 2= Pharm/ Path 2
    Mental Health
    Throught these classes there is Therapeutic Int. which runs throughout both semesters. Also keeping in mind that each course has alot of Clinicals hours. I know one has 90hrs and another has 60 hrs. PLEASE HELP...... ANY ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED

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    Hey everyone,

    I am new to this site, but figured it can only help to become a part of the great nursing community by asking some questions while in school. I am currently in an Accelerated Nursing Program in NJ and am completely stressed out! It began May 16 and we are already finished with 4 classes.

    Anyway, on a side note, I have a question regarding financial aid. I filled out FAFSA, got minimal subsidized/unsibsidized loans for the semesters, and got supplemental money from Sallie Mae Signature loan to cover the rest of the tuition. (Summer ALONE is $14,000). Since it's accelerated, and mucho expensive, I need to figure out how to get extra money to live on throughout the year. I was assured by Sallie Mae that students can take out up to $100K, but my financial aid office claims otherwise. Apparently, loans need to be CERTIFIED by your school's financial aid office. When that happens, the government has a say on how much a student can really take out. This is the problem I am running into with every new loan I find online. The other problem is being unemployed right now. We can not work while in this accelerated program, and yet it's difficult to get loans without a job.

    Does anyone have any valuable insight? One would think with the current nursing shortage that the government or schools would make it easier for students to fund their own education. And especially true with only having select schools offer accelerated programs. I did apply for a state program, but didn't get in. If I did, that would have been much much cheaper. And yet with this particular private program, 300 applied and only 30 got in-but it's about $14K per semester for 3 semesters.