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    I'm in the same position! I'm graduating in December with an ADN and want to find a nursing job in South Korea. I looked all over the internet but there is absolutely no information on that, only for Korean nurses wanting to work in the US or abroad. The only opportunities I've come across are if we can find a job on the military base as a civilian nurse or medical officer. I also want to look into getting further nursing education in Korea, whether it's a BSN or MSN. I was planning on getting the BSN here, right after my ADN program just to get that out of that way now. I am planning on looking into the Korea University and Seoul National University Schools of Nursing to see if they accept any international students for their programs.

    Also, in case you are not aware, the nursing field in Korea is a little bit different from the US. Probably less independent nursing actions, and much more like a second-hand for the physicians, not to mention less pay and less respect. But I just like to see it as.. we'll be the pioneers to pave the way for nursing to be a better field in Korea. It can only get better, especially with Korean and the US having such good political relations, in my opinion.

    I'm also going to Korea at the end of this summer and if I can do enough research ahead of time, I would like to go visit the big nursing schools and hospitals to directly talk to Human Resources, and maybe even sit in on a few nursing lectures to see what it's like. I'll gather as much information as I can and post whatever I find on here when I get back. Hope to keep in touch with you guys so we can collaborate on making this a possibility for our future!