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    Quote from kcondran
    I am looking for information on nursing departmental orientations - most hospital orientations are pretty much cookie cutter from my experience but I am given the responsibility of putting together a departmental program at the facility I have worked at for 6 months as a staff nurse. I believe that there should be a different orientation period and format for new grads vs experienced grads but none between contract vs agency vs staff. Please knock holes in this thinking or support it!!
    Tell me what you liked best about your departmental orientation and what you thought was a real "YUCK"! I am particularly interested in Med-Surg but want input from everyone no matter the assignment.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    To put it bluntly, my orientation to the Med/Surg unit I just left sucked! They hired 5 of us as new grads, all to work nights. They were in such a bind to get us on the floor due to being short staffed, we got like maybe 2 weeks of orientation on days. Then we were fed to the wolves! My first night on night orientation, I took 9 patients by myself and was told to just "ask questions" if I had any. They made several of the new night nurses charge RN's after only a couple months on the floor. Talk about dangerous and overwhelming!

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    Southeastern IL, the hospital I started at, base pay for new grads was 14.77 an hour, $1 for shift differential for nights 7p-7a. Got a whooping $.34 cent raise after 6 months! Moving to the Springfield IL area right now and got offered about $3.00 more an hour for evenings 3p-11p on a Cardiac Rehab unit.

    What you make definately depends on where your live and the cost of living. But the first hospital I told ya about was the lowest paying hospital in that area. You could drive 30-40 minutes in any direction and make about $3-4 more an hour depending on experience.

    Just depends on what we're willing to put up with I guess, and as long as people continue to work there (non-union also) they will never change their pay scale. There were charge nurses where I worked before who had been there YEARS and I know probably only made $1-2 more an hour than I did as a new grad. How sad!

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    1) If you could meet one famous person who would it be?
    Rupert Boneham from Survivor

    2) What is your biggest fear other than losing a family member?
    Being confined in a small space or buried alive

    3) If you could be a fly on the wall, where would you land?
    Prez Bush's office

    4) What is your favorite music group?
    Too many to list!!

    5) Who is your favorite singer?
    Sara Evans

    6) Where is your fav vacation spot?
    My hometown Outer Banks, NC

    7) Which one are you? Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda? Guys- Big or Aidan...or maybe even Stanford??
    Never watched that show.....

    8) What is the best joke you can recall?
    I don't remember jokes well.

    9) What do you love the most about your profession? What do you not like?
    I like the fact that I make a difference in people's lives. I don't like the fact that we are overworked and way underpaid

    10) If you could choose a different career what would you pick?
    Something in forensics...crime scene stuff, that kinda thing!

    11) What drives you?
    My son!

    12) What do you like the most about your partner or friend and what do you like least?
    I like the fact that he would do anything to help someone in need. I don't like the fact that he thinks our home will clean itself! hehe

    13) What is your favorite holiday?

    14) Favorite Movie and why?
    The Wizard of Oz because it's a timeless classic!

    15) If you could change any characteristic/physical attribute about yourself what would it be and why?
    I would give myself more patience (not patients! lol)

    16) What is your favorite song and why?
    Sara Smile by Hall & Oates because my dad named me after it

    17) If you could re-do something in your life what would it be?
    I'd started college a lot sooner.

    18) Are you with your 1 true love or is there the "one who got away"?
    I'm with my true love

    19) If had to change your first name what would you change it to?
    I would changed it...see #16

    20) If you were trapped on a deserted island with a lawyer, an engineer, a school teacher a nurse or an in-law who would you eat first and who would you save for last?
    Well...ex in law first! I like my current in laws lol

    21) Which comfort do you prefer-Freshly laundered sheets, warm towels or fuzzy slippers?
    clean sheets

    22) If you had your pick for vacation would you:
    A) Backpack in Eurpoe for a month
    B) Relax on a beach with a fruity cocktail
    C) Camp on a mountainside near a trickling stream
    D) Stay home and catch up on housework


    23) If you could change one thing about the election/gov't what would you change?
    I would make all politicians take lie dectector tests during the debates on live television!

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    Fortunately, yes, we do have night clinical supervisors who are there to help us or answer questions. Another advantage we have is that all of the new grads on my night shift (including myself) all went through Nursing school together. So most of us know each others strengths and weaknesses, which is pretty nice.

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    As a new RN (graduated in May), I really look up to the "older" nurses in my facility. They don't make us feel stupid for asking questions or wanting a little guidance the first time we do a procedure.

    But the problem where I work is that they have hired a total of 6 new grads, and stuck all of us on nights! Thankfully one of the new RN grads worked on the unit during nursing school and and he now is a charge. But he's preparing to transfer to ICU. Our other Veteran night charge has only worked in the facility for one year, and while she's an excellent nurse and really helpful, she's gone on personal leave for the time being. So basically we have all new grads running the night shift on our floor and at times I've been put into the Charge role, which is something that I personally am not comfortable with at this point in my career!

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    I also live in a rural area and typically have between 6-9 patients per nurse on nights. Often we don't have an aide on nights either, sometimes 1 aide if we're lucky. Time management and organization are a major factor in not getting swamped with charting. If we have no aide to do vitals at 2100, I typically pass my med's, do my shift assessment and take vitals in one swoop, which is praised by our Nurse Manager and the night Nursing coordinators.

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    I agree with you NurseBee....I work nights 7-7 and we are constantly busy!

    Usually between 7-11 we're all running around like chickens with our heads cut off, many nights without aide's and understaffed. Once we get everyone settled and in bed (if we're lucky enough to not have the sweet little Alzheimer's pts thinkin it's 6am and time to get up)...we're busy doing other things, ie: Stocking med carts, check crash carts, cleaning up rooms from dicharges (our housekeeping is VERY anal where I work..won't clean a room if a Coke can is sitting on the bedside table), not to mention the 2 hour charting that we are required to do on all our patients, and 4 hour reassessments. I find plenty to do on nights!

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    something else that I didn't see mentioned (which doesn't mean it wasn't listed, but workin 7p-7a in the dark is takin a toll on my eyes! hehe) but...

    Don't be afraid to stand up for your co-workers, Docs, etc. Everyone knows that there's always at least one of those "I'm-the-all-knowing-super-nurse-and-I-will-question-EVERYTHING-you-do!" more than likely working on your unit. Be confident in your abilities and don't take their crap! You didn't go through 2+ years of Nursing school to be talked down too!

    And as for Doc's......I've come to the conclusion that they really do appreciate us. They're just too dang hard headed to let us know that!