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    I live in central Missouri, just graduated in May from an ADN program. I have been applying like crazy to all kinds of nursing jobs and I've only got three interviews and no job offers. I am getting so discouraged and depressed. Friends and family keep asking me if I've found a job and I feel so ashamed that I have not found a job yet. I really thought I was going to get hired after my last interview but it has been almost a week and I have not got called back.....I feel like a loser. Everyone thinks it is so easy to find a job in the nursing field and people look at me weird when I tell them I haven't got a job yet. Anyone else in Missouri had this problem???? Any suggestions???? I don't know how many more interviews I can go to before I have absolutely no self-esteem left. I really feel like I have been interviewing well so I don't know what else to do, I can't magically gain a year of experience in order to get hired somewhere........someone must hire me in order for me to gain experience!!!!!