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    Thanks for the reply! You were right on the money about us being kept right under 40 hrs. We do get paid OT for over 40, but my super is very adept at keeping that from happening. They are so meticulous about preventing OT that they keep hours to a minimum during the weeks that our weekend call comes up...just to make sure.
    This week they kept me off on Monday, I worked 2 hours on Tuesday, 14 hours on Wednesday, 15 hours yesterday, and 2 today...It is a nightmare that I hope doesn't catch on anywhere else. Thanks again for your reply!!

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    Our hospital implemented a staffing system called Pro-Care. We are staffed according to the number of cases posted. We check our assignments the day before and come in 45 minutes before our case the next day and leave when the case is over. There is no such thing as a shift. If there are not enough cases to go around then you may be chosen to stay home and lose hours. Some weeks we get as little as 25 hours. Other weeks we are forced into staying late without overtime pay. My manager insists that "many" other hospitals and surgery centers are doing this. Is anyone else experiencing this new staffing "trend"?