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    skechers rocker bottoms designed like MBT's are my shoes. Great sales right now !

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    Quote from LucyRn4
    Hey everyone. I'm a new nurse, going on 5 months now. I got my dream job in a NICU and I am happy to be in the unit I am in, but I am constantly battling my energy levels (or lack thereof). My #1 stress reliever before becoming a nurse was exercising but now, on my days off, I am just TOO tired to do anything. When I do go to gym, I have to force myself and the entire workout is just a battle. I hear my co workers talking about their exercising habits and how some of them even run after a shift and that's just mindboggling to me!

    I will admit that I do not get much sleep before a shift, often because of nerves, or sometimes I just don't get to bed until a late time. My average is about 4.5-5 hours of sleep before a shift. I am trying to work on that, thinking that may help, but even when I sleep 8+ hours after a shift, I am still wiped out the next day.

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this problem and how you coped with it. I'm desperate. I've been off for 2 days and I am STILL exhausted.
    Still keep it in mind. I was tested for everything possible & wasn't diagnosed for a year. TO ALL NURSES !!!!! DO NOT IGNORE SEVERE FATIGUE !!!! VERY INSIDIOUS SYMPTOM !!!!!

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    WTG ! All patients are VIP's !

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    Unfortunately not all nurse managers have a pt. care background & judge you on what you should be doing when they don't have a clue. I came up from the trenches & knew what my nurses should be doing !

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    Obviously your manager doesn't know the Labor Laws which makes her a delinquent manager. When I was a nurse manager, I was taught eveything about everything, so I could quote chapter & verse as rebuttal to stupidity !!!!!

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    I was working as a school nurse ( WORSE JOB EVER ) & had this psychotic principal who was on my ass all the time. During one fight,he told me I THOUGHT NURSES WERE USED TO BEING MISTREATED !!!!!! I had a few choice things to say to that !!!!! Some educator are STUPID !!!!! They are insulated in their schools & don't know jack about the real world but THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ! I have lost my respect for the teaching profession even though not all educators are like this. Sadly, a lot of them are like this. We just don't think alike !!!!!!!

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    yes & Iam sorry to say I discovered I had SLE & RA !!!!! Fatigue is a symptom that we blow off but shouldn't. If anyone experiences continuos fatigue, get yourself checked out. I ignored it & am disabled now !!!!!

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    You already have a ghost story. May I submit mine ? Ladyjedimaster