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    I'm on a private group for new grads on Facebook and someone has already said that they got accepted into the CSUF RN to BSN online program. Has anyone else received their acceptance email?

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    the transition course isn't difficult.. the material is also not correlated with the curriculum of 3rd semester. if I were you.. once you receive access for your ATI, go through the online orientation and familiarize yourself with it. you'll be using it a lot, and no one will really explain it to you. for the most part, there is an expectation for career ladders to be on the same page once you are integrated with the generic students in 3rd. also, depending on when you graduated from LVN school, brush up on your ADPIE and critical thinking skills, because it's been a challenge for some of us career ladders. also, dosage calculation! brush up and good luck!

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    the books are mailed to the address you provided on ATI.

    brush up on your math!

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    Hey friends! Question!

    I finished LVN school April 2011, took my boards June 2011 & passed first time! My letter that arrived in the mail stated that I needed to submit my conviction record from the court to further process my application & may take up to 8-12 weeks. I submitted the paperwork last week & now I'm praying that it won't take longer than the time stated. With that said, since I don't have my license number, am I able to apply for jobs now or should I wait for my actual license in the mail?