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    Hi. Just want to know if you asked the staff until when we are going to wait to know if we passed the screening of our CVs

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    Hi pogs2005!

    Thanks for the infos, just few more questions. My friend told me it's fine to have the suturing and iv insertion in a private Lying-in as long as our cases for our handles must be from a public Lying-in or hospital. (BOM is strict about this because i think they are in doubt if it came from a private institution). In my case, we have our own Private Lying-in, my parents are both doctors. (this is the reason why I wanted to become a midwife also) Hmm.. My friend said that they get cases for suturing and insertion here even if the C.I. is only a doctor. Is it true? My friend told me that we just need to present the PRC license of the doctor and didn't mention anything about the certificate of training for suturing.

    And about the 1 case per day, that would be difficult. It will take time and the deadline for submission will be this end of September and we're talking for 20 handles, 5 suturing and 5 insertion. That would be a problem!

    Lastly, until now, I'm still searching for a hospital or Lying-in for my affiliation. Do you have any suggestion?

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    Hi. anyone who knows which hospitals is accepting for completion of RM Cases? I've read the topic and someone said, the interviewees are not accepting cases from Lying-in. The senior nurse at fabella and she told me that we can get anywhere the cases provided Midwife is trained to train students. Give us some insights about this please. Me and my friends are planning to take this November 2011.

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    Is there any updates in PCMC? Are they still accepting trainees?

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    As far as I know, all government hospitals in manila are under freeze ordered by the City Mayor.

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    Hi! Any updates on CETN trainee program? Are they accepting now?