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    I've applied to 2 ADN programs in the SF Bay area and perhaps will apply to some in LA. Basically, it doesn't look like I will get into any of them this semester (some wanted in person interviews for the admission process, and I was not able to make those dates as I was traveling). Anyways.. I will need to start working full time in about a month.. that won't leave my any time to pursue a nursing degree.. so my question is this.. would an online ADN program be possible/suitable? If so, what are the most reputable ADN online programs out there? (That may allow for someone that's working full time as well?)


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    I'm looking to apply to ADN programs in the SF bay area and/or LA (near West Hollywood/Santa Monica) area...Just wondering if anyone knows what programs are good out there???

    Since I'm a female and would pretty much be on my own I'm looking for a campus that's safe and somewhat pleasant to be at. I would consider BSN programs such as SF state or UCLA, but I don't have statistics or chemistry under my belt yet. But I have enough pre-requisites to apply to most all other programs.

    I've never really been to LA, so I don't know what their campuses look like or if they're really safe? And since I'll be there for at least 2 years, I want to move to a place where I will feel comfortable.

    Some of the schools I'm thinking about applying:

    Northern California
    - Chabot college (never been)
    -CCSF (not crazy about the campus)
    - Contra Costa (was going to apply here, but took summer school there and cannot stand the campus)
    -Merritt College?
    - Ohlone College?

    Southern California

    - LA City College? (never been)
    - Long Beach City College?
    - Santa Monica College (this college seems pretty decent? input? )
    - LA Harbor College?
    - LA County college of Nursing and Allied Health?

    Are there any other colleges that are not on the list I might wanna check out? I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of colleges to apply to... Since I don't know the area that well (LA), I'm not sure which schools to apply to?


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    @ Ellie... for SF (city) Are you referring to City College of San Francisco? Not SF State? Did you get a chance to ever explore CCC (Contra Costa College) Thanks!

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    oh... @rexy... so in the end you feel you received a good nursing education at your school? Thanks!

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    Thanks! That helps a lot! Well yes, the school I feel appears a little desolate and run down. And I don't feel challenged by other students nor the environment and it's questionable whether or not they have accommodating facilities/equipment appropriate for a quality nursing education. It's been very, very painful for me to go to class everyday because I pay $12 everyday to get there and I'm not challenged.

    Yes, their NCLEX pass rate is about 96.1% based on the 40-50 students that took the exam. I was just wondering if they simply just train you to take the NCLEX?? And that's it? lol..

    ok, I guess I will seek it out further...


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    I have a BA from UCBerkeley and have take most all my pre-requisite classes to apply for a nursing program. I'm just wondering what the best ADN and BSN programs are in the San Francisco area? I want to get done as quickly as possible, but I also do not want to sacrifice the quality of my education whatsoever. I was thinking of doing an ADN program and had my sites on CCC, but then I went and took their drug dosage class (and I'm not trying to put anyone down), but it seems like these people never graduated high school. They could not perform basic skills, think things through, and were getting confused with basic, basic knowledge (ex: that 3 is equivalent to 3. ) I overhear most of the students there talking about how they have C's and D's in their pre-requisite courses! Now I'm highly skeptical, of ever going there... I feel they have low expectations, and the two course I took there were no brainers, basically. I was not challenged at all. I don't want my nursing education to suffer the same deficit.

    So why do they have such a high NCLEX pass rate??? And SF State has a lower pass rate? Can I judge the strength, challenge, and educational quality of a program based on their NCLEX pass rate???

    p.s. What would the difference in pay rate be after graduation w/ either an ADN at CCC or BSN at SF State?

    Any advice would help! Thanks!