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    Thanks! Getting an RN would be the ultimate goal (at least) but I figured the cna would be a way to get into the field somewhat quickly. I wonder if you may be right about transferring from Kentucky to Georgia not being worth it. I know having a previous degree won't hurt but since I was so arts and humanities oriented in college I doubt it will help. But maybe I'm being overly pessimistic. Who knows?

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    Hi All,

    I'm a 30 year old male who currently lives in Kentucky. For the past four years I've been a librarian and I quite like it. However, lately I've decided to become a nurse. The reasons are various of course, and money is only a relatively small part (though not insignificant). Also, my girlfriend lives in Atlanta and I've been looking for a job to move down there for a few months but, of course, the job market is terrible for somebody with a bachelor's degree in English/History.

    So here's what I've been thinking: get a cna. I've been reading about the training and it is fairly quick and in theory can get you working in less than two years of study. Now, do you guys think it would be better for me to just go ahead and do the certification classes in Kentucky, take the GA certification exam and try to find a job, or would it be better to wait until I have relocated and do it all in the Atlanta area? There's no pressing time table and I'm willing to be patient in order to increase my chances finding employment.

    Also, if the latter option is the best, are there any positions in a healthcare facility (or service provider) that I can look for that will be relevant to nursing training even though I'm not certified? Can my impractical degree do anything at all for me or should I just resign myself to working in a grocery store (which I am happy to do) until I'm certified?

    Finally, is the cna even worth it? I see it as the first step on a long path but should I maybe just concentrate on getting an RN without the intermediate steps?

    Thanks for your time and I appreciate any responses.