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  • Dec 13 '11

    To those who didn't get an interview this year - I'm so sorry and I hope you keep trying. I was completely stunned when I opened my letter and saw that I got an interview; I had thoroughly convinced myself that it wouldn't be happening for me this year. It seems hard to understand what they're looking for when so many fantastic applicants get denied. Hugs to all!

  • Dec 13 '11

    Agree w/ Myelin! This is my fourth time applying to nursing programs and after constantly getting rejected everywhere I applied to in the past, I didn't expect to get an interview for UCSF (since this was my "shoot for the universe" school). There were times I even wanted to give up pursuing nursing. But lo and behold!

    Point is not to give up and you may never know, some things may be blessings in disguise