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    I was wondering what other nurses felt about having the flu shot mandated. Our facility is making the flu shot mandatory unless there is a signed physicians explanation or allergy to eggs etc (which would need a dr signed exemption.) The facility still has the ability to over rule the physician's statement if they don't feel it is acceptable. If they do approve the exemption form--then the nurse shall wear a mask for the entire shift including all meetings and office time for the duration of the flu season.

    I have taken the flu shot over the past 19 years being a nurse, but I have never been told it would be mandated. I did have a reaction to the H1N1 shot 2 years ago and did not want to take that again. The H1N1 is included in the flu shot now. I didn't want to divulge my personal health history since getting the H1N1 and have kept it confidential. I feel I will have to divulge my personal health history which I would rather not. I have been seeing a dr for the past 2 years who is monitoring these nodules. After getting the H1N1 shot I had a severe headache for 3 days, then I noticed nodules on the right side of my neck (around the thyroid). I had 6 nodules on the right side of my neck and 2 on the other side with one on my wind pipe. The nodules went away over the last 2 years except for the one on my windpipe (it is still there).

    I am very concerned about having to take this shot. I don't believe that I would be able to wear a mask for the duration of my shift if I was actually approved. Any advice or comments.