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    So, on Saturday July, 16th, I went and took my NCLEX-PN. It took me an hour to take, I got shut off at 85 questions and felt like I didn't know anything at all! ( I also didn't study at all, don't follow my example). Needless to say, I did the PVT yesterday and got the good pop up & I paid the 7.95$ to get the quick results! Good luck to everyone that still has to take their test.

    The job hunting now begins, except my State Government is shut down so I have to wait for my license

    I truly believe everyone that prayed, sent good thoughts my way, and having faith really helped out!

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    Hello! So, as I start the endevor of studying for my NCLEX-PN test, the more like I feel like I know nothing?! What is up with that? I passed my LPN program with A's and B's but yet I feel like a complete idiot that knows nothing