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    Hi guys! I have been an RN for over 6 years in acute care, and have made the transition to HH. I love the time I get to spend with my pts, but am having a really hard time with understanding fully why we are in there most of the time. I am used to dealing with med/surg pts, who are honestly, more task based. I am having a hard time with all the unstructured format, and trying to really understand how many visits we should be in for, if my teaching will overlap with PT or OT, or what we are really supposed to teach the non compliant chronic diabetic. If anyone has any resources that could help me with learning community, home health way of nursing, I would appreciate it. I have asked supervisors, but they are swamped, and just want me out there taking care of patients, which I can do, but not sure if I am really doing it in the spirit of home care.
    Any suggestions, or comments will be most appreciated!
    Thanks sooooo much!