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    Quote from Elvish
    It's an industry standard so you should. (That's not a criticism of you, but your facility maybe needs to be take this more seriously.) Sure, most of the time baby is going to be pink and fine apgars 8/9. But those few times you get a blue floppy kid who gave you no previous warning, having only one pair of hands is a bad bad place to be in.
    No offense taken! I'm fairly new to this speciality and unfortunately was under the impression this was the norm. It worries me to see it's definitely not.

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    I'm in a large metropolitan level III facility and nine times out of ten it's just the RN and Dr/midwife in the room. The RN tends to both mom and baby simultaneously. For high risk deliveries NICU will come to make sure baby is stable. Once delivered, the mother-baby RN will come to assess baby within 30 minutes or so. I wish we had two RN's at delivery!

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    We can also add Frontier Nursing University to the list. One of my former schoolmates completed her BSN degree at WGU and was accepted to Frontier.
    Good to know! That's where I plan on applying after the BSN.

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    I starting May 1st too! Just paid my tuition tonight (ouch) but looking forward to orientation next week! GL everyone!

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    So I have a slight twist on the employment requirement questions that I've seen here. I've been employed as an RN with a local hospital for about a year now, but due to family circumstances I plan to resign in a few weeks. At the same time, I'm also looking into WGU for my RN to BSN but wonder if I apply now will they'll take my work experience/resignation into consideration for admission? Has anyone encountered this before? I'm going to call and try to speak with an enrollment advisor tomorrow but was just curious.



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    Quote from MBrickle

    Oh I know. I'm so sick of my topic.

    Also, I really appreciate the peer review, but I got criticized for not stating my perspective until the last, yea, that's what the assignment instructs us to do! Yikes...
    Lol! I hear ya!

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    Nope, still waiting on mine too. I'm so ready for this class to be over. Writing 3 papers on the same topic is killing me!

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    Hi everyone! I had an interview this morning with. NM at a hospital I'm very interested in. She then called me this afternoon to set up a 2nd interview (this time a panel) for next Thursday with her and 2-3 others. Should I send a thank you note today for this interview, and then again after next week's? Or is that overkill and just one will do?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote from NclexSally
    Hello MBrickle! I'm not sure if you still need it or not but the upcoming schedule was emailed to me today. What is your student email, I will send to you? How has class been going for you so far? It's coming a long pretty well for me.
    Is there any way you could also email me this?


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    I'm going to an assessment next Friday, just curious to see what I'm in for.

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    Me! Just did the introduction today, my kids are off for spring break so there's been zero time to get on the computer!

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    Me! Glad to hear its easy!

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    Count me in too! I have 7 prereqs - starting Comp 2 and Sociology on 3/25. Hopefully, once I'm a little more comfortable with the format I plan to take 3 classes at a time. I just finished my ADN in December so part of me is dreading jumping right back into school mode, but better now than later.

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    Hi everybody! Quick question, for those of you who took ENG 1301 and 1302 with UTA, did you have to use the required UTA version of this book? I'd rather not pay $175 when I can rent a different version for thirty-something bucks!