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    unfortunately i can't cuss on this forum, otherwise thispost would be awesome. but i will say--- thank you everyone. our litigious society has created a situationwhere common sense is outlawed. onehundred times a day, i encounter a situation where some regulation or other hascreated a road block to my work, productivity, and patient advocacy. and using common sense to easily fix theproblem would apparently create a wrinkle in the fabric of all that is real andlegitimate in the management paradigm. here is my idea. all you administrators and law-makers outthere.... take your policies and regulations, put them in the back seat of a convertibleand drive them off a cliff (oh and omg! don't forget the seatbelt, for safety,and documentation, to meet jcaho standards!) this is what i am told, rules are never to be broken, ever... because slipperyslope (which btw is a fallacy in critical thinking--- put that is yourcommittee meeting minutes and smoke it) is law! no common sense allowedaround these parts. it's healthcareafter all, not romper room.

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    Old-timer... The original post was posted years ago, but alas as quoted so eloquently in Monty Pithon, "it's not dead yet". Sounds better with the accent, "I'm nawt deed yet." The thread might not yet need a code blue, but certainly a rapid response call is in order.

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    Thanks nurse ellie for clarifying! The one in the middle is either having triplets or has some serious ascites going on. Either way he looks like he's pretty proud of that belly. HIPPO violation for sure. Where's my taser, he needs to be brought in for trial.

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    Thanks rnnow... see I'm not crazy (thought I might have been for a bit). So, for your situation, I guess I don't have any advice. Cept to say, if you have a union in your previous hospital you should contact them, seems crazy to be fired for an infraction that anyone of us could (and have done). As far as what to tell a perspective employee, less is more--- you are under no obligation to reveil the gory details (let them find out on their own). And for the scumbag son who thinks it's OK to look at any computer, I'd find out where he lives, egg his house, key his car, and feed his dog a can of beans. Might also break into his facebook account and post status updates like "I have a low IQ, webbed toes, a prehensile tail, and a third nipple." Good luck in anycase.

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    Quote from Esme12
    You guys are funny.....this post is a year old....
    Well, some nice person posted yesterday that he/she was fired for HIPPO violation when he/she left a computer without logging out and the son of the patient got on the computer. I got the alert on my email, so decided to throw my considerable knowledge about HIPPO into the ring. I see that post is gone now... the poster wondered if he/she was now a criminal and what to say about the topic when applying of a new job. Of course we didn't really answer his/her question and instead pondered the options for violating a hippo in Texas, so maybe he/she got frustrated and took it down. Stay on topic people and stop violating the hippo.

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    Violating a hippo? Sounds slightly problematic? Hummm, which reminds me, I got to get on my bucket list item number 19... Go on safari.

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    As far as I can tell HIPAA stand for Health Information Probably Ain't (readily) Available... when needed act.

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    Haven't been here in a while... this new format is sooooooo 1970's.

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    Quote from VICEDRN
    Most of it is reactionary nonsense. They heard somewhere someone said and thus, a new policy is born.

    I work in the metro ATL area. How many of you have heard the one about the WOW? which isn't called a COW because *supposedly* some patient thought COW referred to her and sued and won some huge some of money.
    We named our COWs Bessie and Bossie. Confused the heck out of tech support when we called with a problem. We'd have to use code, cause we couldn't use the word COW (OMG, we might get sued). We'd say, there is something wrong with Bessie, she's off her feed and she's not giving milk, think she may have caught a virus. Maybe hoof and mouth disease? Cause of course we couldn't say "mad COW disease."

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    I wonder if the leadership in all hospitals is as clueless and full of *stuff* as mine. They implement some new BS policy, and then they realize it is not working. Instead of really assessing why the policy didn't work, they head back into closed door committee to discuss the BS policy. And because their world view and people management skills consist entirely of managerial theory (learned at conference), and because they specialize in bureaucratic double speak; when they converse about why it didn't work, they don't come to the obvious conclusion: because the policy is BS.
    So, because they are completely flummoxed why some brilliant policy they thought of (I mean they used a white board, brain storming sessions, proper meeting techniques, and even took into account group dynamics) isn't working, they institute a checklist (i.e. more paperwork) to monitor the compliance of said BS policy. Guess what Einsteins; the checklists don't get done either. Why? Because it is BS. So, a few months later they send an email saying we are reverting back to the original policy.

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    Quote from maelstrom143
    I absolutely love when we have prn MOM on board. Mix it with 120ml warm prune juice and two pats of melted butter. My little old people seem to like it just fine. Had one a while back that decided it would become his evening toddy...
    He likes it shaken... not stirred, I presume.

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    Quote from xtxrn
    Head guru of the Cult of Supreme Colon Consciousness.
    Worst cult ever... Instead of the shaving their heads like the Hare Krishnas they shave their butt hairs....

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    Well that's a buncha crap....

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    We too had a patient come into his wife's room with a cooler of beer, and his dogs. He cracked a cold one right there is the room. I thought it was hilarious. PARTY'S in room 2010!!!! But the charge nurse and security was not so happy with the turn of events..... parties over, the charge nurse messed it up for everybody. ;0).

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    Put biohazard tape across it. Then come into the room wearing full personal protective gear, including the PAPR hood to push the bed further against the wall.