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    I wanted to let you know I decided to go with the dedicated cancer facility with the longer internship program.

    I keep telling myself my case of nerves (terror?!) is normal as a new grad, but do you have any suggestions on what I should be preparing, focusing on, reviewing, etc. to get ready for my new job?

    Thanks again for your input.

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    Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I will be going on some interviews this week and will let you know of my decision.

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    I am an ADN graduate who passed my boards last week (WAHOO!) and I would like to specialize in Oncology. This is a 2nd career for me, so I am eager to get started in my specialty as soon as possible.

    There are several options for new grads available, so I am seeking the advice of experienced oncology nurses in helping to make a wise decision.

    One hospital has an 8-week nurse internship program in med-surg, but it is a small hospital with no floor dedicated to oncology. They place all of their chemo. patients on one floor, and I can start on that floor and "work my way up" to being an ONCO nurse, according to the recruiter. Another option is a large teaching hospital that has a 1-year internship in med-surg/oncology, with 50% med-surg and 50% onco, according to the recruiter. Yet another option is a very well-respected and state-of-the-art cancer center. They have openings for new nurses, although they prefer experience. There is no formal nurse internship program in this area. I have also considered applying at outpatient oncology facilities. Are they appropriate for new grads, or should I get some hospital experience first?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.