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    Originally posted by kharris:
    I am an older student 43, preparing for my entrance exam to LPN by taking algebra and A&P but I am wondering if most people just do it or prepare first. I feel pretty dumb in my class with all the youngsters ! Thanks for any info.
    I recently took my lpn-nclex in April and had a few surprises. Not too much math, so forget the algebra, but alot of pt teaching.
    I bought Mosby,s Nclex review at Barnes & Noble for $30, which included a cd. Go through each chapter and review. I passed with the min of 85 questions, and i did have a GPA of 3.6. The most important thing to look at is really read the question is commen sense answers if you get stuck. And remember to eliminate the two answers that you know shouldnt be there (dont try to ponder over 4 answers.)It was tough, but I think only because I was so nervous. know this stuff..think of it as a test in class written by a new instructor..same questions put in a different way. Dont stress too much about the test (easier said than done, I kmow), if the worst happens than you will retake in 90 days, which is not alot of time considering how long you have been thinking and planning to be a NURSE.
    Best of Luck,
    Dara, LPN