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    Hi everyone. I am a new travel nurse and was really really looking forward to travel nursing. I have since signed up with a travel agency and now just don't even want to do it anymore. My recruiter asked me specifically if he was my only recruiter and if their agency was my only agency. Not knowing anything about travel nursing or agencies, I said yes that is correct. Now I feel like I'm being treated and spoken to like I'm some naive woman buying a car from a sleazy car salesman. I feel like I've been aggressively pushed to take a contract with my recruiter posting a start date that I didn't agree with.

    I stated "I'm not sure about that start date and not sure if I can get all the documents in at that time" with my recruiter aggressively saying "I'm confident you will because you're a go getter. I'll go ahead and send them your acceptance right now" in some weird salesman voice. I've also had this recruiter ask me about my home/relationship situation, ask me my age and just some weird uncomfortable questions. He calls me everyday and constantly leaves me voicemails, emails and texts. I get it, he wants to make his income especially during the holidays, but it's just too much at times.

    Now I'm reading about people needing to pay money for breaking contracts, horror stories about bad travel assignments, or travel nurses being treated badly at sites. I honestly just may not even want do this anymore.

    Is this just an isolated case with me and a few others I read about? Or is this how travel nursing is in general? Because if it is...I may have made the wrong decision about finding work through middle-man agencies like in travel nursing.

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    Thank you for this thread! I've been bullied all through nursing school by -get this- my "friend" who has been through the entire program with me even with prerequisites. A 'toxic friend' as you would call it who has recruited other clique-ish people to join her. I have been having such a hard time with school because of these and at first I couldn't wait for graduation to completely delete them from my life....but now I realize, why not do it tomorrow? GLAD to know I'm not alone with this whole drama childish group of idiots!

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    I am in the same boat as you. I'm 25 just turned 26 and there are "adults" in my class older than me or same age that act like they're still in high school! Get this, they even made an acronym for their clique name that contains their initials. They have been like this all through nursing school and I feel like they have been alienating all the older students and I hate it! I could tell how out of place the older students feel. What's worse...since I'm young yet I keep my own space, they have tried to passively-aggressively punish me for it saying that I've been weird and always ganging up on me asking "why am I alone all the time?? is there something wrong with you??" I'm not sure if its been my life experiences or maturity level (traveled and lived on my own since I was 19 between 3 continents..?) but I just don't level with them and they kind of annoy me. Also, it's become a competition on who's more popular, pretty, better dressed etc etc.

    It's horrible and I'm glad I only have 2 more months til graduation. Just remember these people are not paying you and unless YOU are getting paid to get along with them- don't worry about it. It took me awhile to get over the psychological bullying- still going through it unfortunately- but just remember who you are and that those people don't validate who you are as a person or as a future nurse.

    As for the sarcasm..I have the same humor. I clique mostly with the older crowd and more with the guys around my age haha. Women, especially if they are young, are just not a crowd that'll get it most of the time.

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    See this as a challenge! Do your very best so that next time she tries to show you up she's the one who gets humiliated -it's obvious she wants to undermine how great you're doing Ok well I know that's not the best way to handle it but take this in stride and realize that yes you are just a newbie that you are still learning. Don't beat yourself up over it, just be glad it was a honest mistake that didn't hurt anyone. Look on the bright side, you made that mistake because you wanted to make sure it was the right thing to do and you respected your preceptor enough not to take it off in the first place. To me, that is better than to make your own judgement before knowing.
    Now, if she tries to do that again just tell her simply to tell you in private. Third time, I would go to the Director. =)

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    I say lay low and wait it out. Your professional work has nothing to do with personal conflicts in the work place and if your charts will be "audited" as they say (which I hope they're kidding because that's more bullying right there) and if you have done a good job thus far then they obviously can't touch you! When you DO go back to work, maintain a professional and firm but calm attitude, keep doing a good job, keep your chin up and keep a LOG of EVERYTHING that bully does to you. So that when push comes to shove you have evidence and documentation of everything. I know of someone who did this because she was bullied by her SUPERVISOR and get this, her supervisor was fired!! Hope everything works out for you and let us know what sad this always happens in a field where we are known to be honest and ethical!

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    Hello! This is to everyone in the San Francisco/Bay Area Region:

    I'm a 4th semester student in my ADN program and I will be doing my nursing preceptorship starting in November. We've been given the opportunity to select our preceptorship sites and I live right next to SF and was interested in doing it there. If anyone knows of a good hospital for preceptorship -nice facility, and equipment, reputable, experienced nurses, and overall impression- please let me know! I was initially interested in places that look towards hiring from preceptorship, but from what I've been reading I see those chances are slim to none so that isn't too high on my list. I am interested in SF and areas around it too (Oakland, Walnut Creek, etc). Much thanks in advance!!

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    personally, I think the guy had his mind set when he got that old grumpy nurse. Not that I agree with him, but I do agree that a whole lotta nurses nowadays are grumpy and just rotten! Sure I think 'tough love' nursing is good, but just mean grumpy care is uncalled for. If that's the case, get out and find a new career!

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    Hi all I am one semester away from graduating from my ADN and am set on joining Army Reserves n thought why not start on it ASAP. Just wondering- do they usually require prior nursing experience for the Army Reserves- like 1 or 2 years? And what are my chances on getting in?

    Here are my stats:: 25 yrs old, my GPA is 3.2 and I'm currently in a ADN-BSN bridge program at a California State University but have no prior nursing experience. ACLS certified, CNA certified (and currently looking for a job). I assume I am in pretty good shape 5'4 110lbs, dont wear glasses, no medical problems or history, nonsmoker, run 3 times a week. Another tidbit of info- my husband is currently Active Duty Army (not sure if that would tip the scale in any way). So I was wondering what are my chances especially if i have no prior nursing experience. Is it really a deal breaker for them?

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    Yes you can take your CNA right away, my classmates got their CNA license after just 1st semester and only had to take the written test.

    I would recommend taking the NCLEX FIRST asap!! THEN go and look for both a nursing job and a CNA job at the same time and take whichever first (hopefully an RN job)

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    I say go for your ADN, and work while getting your BSN. Save the big loans for your Master's/Advanced Degree. It'll be tough but a job nowadays is not guaranteed right out of school. I'm getting my ADN and BSN at the same time...from what I'm looking at I'll be debt free when I graduate and its good to know that I'll focus more on getting a nursing job after graduation rather than a quick 9-5 job to pay off those loans before they start gaining interest.

    I agree though, find out all the facts first. Make a plan for yourself and try to stick to it. If you really want it you'll find a way. and congrats on getting into nursing school!

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    My classmates are taking classes towards their ADN graduation requirements that they haven't taken yet i.e. humanities, speech, communications, Math. Or take some classes that would count towards your BSN- never too early to start!

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    Woot congrats! I just finished 3rd this week and doing our practice HESI on Monday. We had OB/Maternity & Community in the first half and Med-Surg & Leadership in the second half this semester.

    Was planning on enjoying summer break- but instead I'll be reviewing! You can never be too ready for 4th sem, graduation and the NCLEX. I'll also be taking BSN bridge classes so won't be too much of a vacation. But hey, almost done!! congrats to all who made it this far!