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    You have to find your own sites. They do not help you. Your site must be located within your specialty track (ie, if you are in the FNP program, your site must be a primary care family practice site. If you are in the ANP program, your site must be in a primary care internal medicine clinic). Hope this helps.

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    Congratulations on your admission. This is a very, very difficult program, but you should be well-prepared when you graduate. I have heard from other NP's that they prefer to precept UMKC students because they are much further along than students from other programs. The standards are extremely high and they will NOT pass you if you do not get a B on your midterm and a B on your final...despite what grades you get on your papers and other tests. A B minus is a FAIL. The only "complaint" I have heard is that they tend to be disorganized which surprised me since the students are all Type A and must be organized to be successful in this program.

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    I would check the want ads in your area to see if there are many WHNP jobs. I have an 18 year background in Women's Health, but chose the FNP program because I wanted flexibilty. There are WHNP jobs in my area, but very few. FNP offers you many more options. current faculty has her WHNP certification and is in school completing her FNP because of the increased flexibility of the FNP. Good luck with your decision!

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    Congrats on the birth of your daughter. I am currently in a part-time FNP program with 2 kids and I work full-time. It is VERY difficult. There is no way I could be in the full-time program. I average 20-25 hours a week on homework/studying and that doesn't include actual class or lecture time. Good luck with your decision.