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    Quote from suzanne4
    Unless you have had specific training in titrating those drips, I would not take an assignment like that. Remember that if a problem were to occur, it would be your license on the line, not anyone elses.

    And one week on a telemetry unit the week before doesn't give you the proper training to know what to do ith an arrythmia, if one were to occur.
    Are you ACLS certified?

    Just because the hospital was willing to place you there, and the agency as well, since you haven't had any acute facility nursing experience for years, shame on them.

    You are just setting yourself up to lose your license, please be very careful with this. Cardiac patients in a CCU can go bad at any time, and they do. And many times it is the very stable one, who has the discharge orders for the am, etc. that codes.
    You know, Suzzanne, I was thinking the exact same thing. Only LTC experience recently, and not critical care!Critical care is not a game-----need proper training, or she should have had a preceptor with her the whole time!

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    Mary, some of the new lock for iv's have a special function that is like a reverse vacum. You might try removing that and drawing directy from the iv or extension tubing, than replacing. I don't know about you, but lab ALWAYS says it is hemolyzed! Good luck-quincy