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    Just curious I had brought a public document with the proposed new staffing ratios for Texas to my department manager to ask her what she thought of it and how it would affect us in our department and she said she would find out what she could about the bill and get back with me (this was a couple of weeks ago) and just the other day I said hello to the Director of Nursing who verbally in the main hallway of our hospital in front of my patients families and another coworker nurse threatened to fire me on the spot if I ever bring another piece of paper regarding this proposed staffing bill in the hospital...I was floored. I honestly wanted an opinion from my department manager about this bill I wasnt UNION ORGANIZING or trying to be covert or hide anything but this DON verbally was abusive to me in PUBLIC and I wasn't aware there was and I am still not aware of any hospital policy that prohibits me from asking questions regarding the hospitals role or effect it would have if the bill was made into law....Can A DON fire me for asking public forum questions of my department manager...Does Texas let them fire us nurses for that and only that reason? Confused and feeling disappointed as I am always sticking up for this hospital and go out of my way to promote GOODWILL for this hospital...

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    Do you have a guideline for NBN ratios?? When I was hired.transferred to NBN they told me the ratio was 1 to 6 we are taking 8 and sometimes 9 babies even when they have bili lights is scary and we can't get the moms to take their babies this is the valley and these moms have kids like it is a fulltime job. 24 yr olds on their 8th kid but to make a long story short we are forced to taking 8 or more kids and it is crazy

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    Quote from toadie
    new grads in my area start out between $22-$24. nurses aides make $9-$12.
    Hey there
    thanks for the reply....

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    Quote from BeccaRN
    I'm interviewing for a position as a Radiology Nurse at a local hospital. I like the fact that I will have different patients all the time but I was just wondering what you do in a typical day. The position is days, Monday - Friday with various starting times, on call 1 day a week and a week end every so often. I guess I'm just needing some information on what you do. Any information you can provide me will be appreciated. Thank you. Becca
    HI Becca,
    I work as a Rad nurse in a growing hospital in the RioGrande Valley,and it was a bit misleading after I was hired originally a NO CALL NO WEEKEND position which turned into full call and leave when the patients are done...since my hire in Jan this year 3 nurses have if your facility doesn't have enough trained staff nurses in that dept who can give conscious sedation your hours may tend to be very very long...we start our first pediatric sedations at 6 in the morning continue on with first adult at 8 while still doing the peds and end up with add ons all day long... I still really love this facility and wish they would get more RNs in here..then the job would be very check out the average hours of your future co workers and ask them for honest answers.. by the way are you in the valley Texas? we have OPENINGS!!!!! take care and good luck

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    Hello there
    I am from Texas a new RN but LVN for over 27 years but I am just starting out at $26.25 hr,,,,are you an lvn or rn? :imbar

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    I though I remembered a link to the American Heart Association that permitted you to take their ACLS test online and print a certificate and then take the hands on at a facility and mail both to AHA and they in turn send your ACLS provider card to you?....can anyone send the direct link to register for the test as I have been unable to find it on the original American Heart Assoc. site?
    Thanks for any help

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    Quote from kaseysmom
    I have never heard of PAT and i can't figure out what the abbreviation stands for. Anyone??
    paroxysmal atrial tachycardia excuse my spelling I just had eye eurgery and this is a bit blurred... :imbar

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    We already have taken responsibility in our facility for cutbacks and doind two or three peoples jobs at the same time they are all out of their ******* heads if they think we'll stay on as slaves....especially when administration doesn't!!!!!!and on their salary please give me a break !!! anyone here work in the Rio
    Grande Valley Texas?

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    Hello and thank you for the welcome and congrats on your RN

    Quote from Ari RN
    Hello and Welcome to the All Nurses Family!
    Hope you enjoy yourself here with us!

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    Quote from lizz
    spacenurse posted this on the california board, but i couldn't help but think about all of the anti-union people who claim unions are bad and, even, that the california nurses association doesn't deserve credit or, really do anything for nurses.

    nurses back bill that cuts lifting:

    first law in the nation to prohibit manual lifting, require "lift teams",00.html

    "the bill, which is sponsored by the california nurses association, passed the legislature last week. more than 4,000 registered nurses have sent letters to the governor urging him to sign the bill, cna officials said. on thursday, health care workers rallied outside uc medical centers throughout the state, as well as in front of uc headquarters in oakland, to protest uc's opposition to the bill and urge the governor to sign it ...

    fifty-two percent of all nurses complain of back pain, according to the bill's text, and 12 percent who leave the nursing profession say back pain is a contributing or main factor in their decision."

    between this and the cna sponsored ratio law, where the number of patients per nurse goes down to five next year ... unions are really worthless, heh?

    maybe there are some bad unions, but this is not one of them. and nurses have never accomplished this much on their own ... that's for sure.

    i wish we had more unions for nurses i work in texas and they will never have a union here and i truly believe this is one state that really needs a union to defend both the nurses rights but also the patients....especially the nurse patient ratios....whew...of course my hospital would find a way to fire me if i ever publicly voiced complaints/concerns

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    Quote from ether
    i've got 2 cats, both indoor.

    when they see a bird from the window, they make this weird chattering sound with their voice while they stalk the bird! it's so weird!!! it's like they are trying to sound like a bird. does anybody have a cat that makes these silly sounds? :chuckle
    hi ether,i have 8 indoor cats and 1 outside cat and they all make that little funny hmmmmmmm noise as they watch birds in the trees etc....i have a cat that makes a noise also like that when she is annoyed you touched her without her any pictures???

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    Hi just joined and wanted to introduce myself I am from south Texas an LVN about to graduate from Excelsior ,God Willing this month...hello out there!!