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    I have been in nursing since 1974 (I'm 47) and surrendered my license in 2002. My story is a bit detailed, but I'll just say that I was a good nurse. I did nothing wrong at work, I was over-qualified for a position as 'floor' RN but did not want a desk job. I quit -- wasn't fired. I tested positive for drugs (diet pills). Like you, I was the first of 12! seasoned nurses to be pushed out, in 6 months. I left making $17 an hour. Now I have a hard time paying bills. I miss the nursing & friends, but not the establishment. I don't have any answers for you, or for myself. Good Luck!

    Quote from 20yrkrear
    i have been nsg for over 20yrs if you include the schooling. i have put in my resignation and my last day is tomorrow. i will feel a HUGE relief to get out of my unit. micu/ccu @ the va medical ctr. HORRIBLE place! talk about nrses leaving in droves! i will be the 4th nrs w/in 2 months to leave and others are looking and or leaving. some will not leave because of retirement w/the govt.
    i have only 2 yrs in there and i came from the private sector. the main problem is w/the management. DUH! who would have ever thought?! i am going to take some time off for myself to heal and am putting in applications in for dctrs offices. the pay may be lower, but i need the lowered stress level. i am also going to put in an application at petsmart. hope to get a job grooming dogs. i am not too proud to make less money and have people ask me why. they may not understand why the gleam in my eye, but they probably wouldn't understand much else of the bigger picture anyway. but, the nurses? hell they know and if they could get out w/out worrying about the pay they would too, in even bigger droves! by the way how do you use these cute little avatars on the right? im not too savy with using word.