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    thank you everyone, sage advice indeed.

    Quote from RN4NICU
    My advice would be interview at both and go with the setup that works best for you, as every hospital is different. My experience with staffing issues in a teaching hospital is polar opposite from eltrip's. Our teaching hospital had mandatory OT and it took an act of God to get your vacation time, even if you requested a year in advance. I'm surprised they didn't require an excuse from God to get sick pay. The teaching hospital and one other h***hole in town had the same crappy policies: no extra pay on holidays, no weekend differential, mandatory 84 hrs/pay period - NO OVERTIME for the last 4 either. It's as if they thought the priviledge of working there should be benefit enough.
    No surprise, both places are staffed almost entirely by new grads and travelers because once people get experience, they work elsewhere.

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    I'm looking for some sage advice about what kind of hospital offers the best first job experience for new nursing school BSN graduates. I graduate in December and am torn between a large teaching hospital (Duke Hospital) and a smaller community hospital that's part of the same health care system. Any morsels of advice would be much appreciated!