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    Hey Guys! If you are attending UF for ABSN in the fall, please join the facebook group!

    If the link doesn't work-- then just search groups for "UF ABSN Class of 2012"

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    Hello future classmates of fall 2K11!!!! I just got my letter in the mail yesterday and am ecstatic! It feels oh-so-good to be a Florida Gator. I cannot wait to meet you all in the fall. And to those still waiting to hear: Best of luck to you! Diligence and persistence are always rewarded. After having a bit of a rough go in my own application process a wise soul said to me, "You are going to nursing school. I have no doubt about that. It's really not a matter of 'if' you are going, but rather 'when'. Because if you want something bad enough you will get there eventually--maybe just on a different time schedule than you originally planned." This encouraged me. I hope it encourages you too! Good luck!