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    the thing abt knowing how to turn alarms off is so true. thanks you for your advice and encouragement

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    Hi everyone

    I am new graduate and I have a cardiac ICU residency starting in July, I just wanted to check in with all of you seasoned CCU nurses to see if you have any advice for me. like how not to be so overwhelmed, or any tips or challenges you faced when you started working in the cardiac icu, and how you overcome them.

    any info will be helpful.

    thanks alot.

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    I got mt ATT in less than a week, I live in MA

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    there are free qtrainers online though, if you are interested in looking at them.

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    only part of the online and classroom review courses. not included in thier books. did you buy an online review course or their book?

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    Im using the Kaplan on Demand, and they have levels of questions that you can practice, in addition to a question bank from level 1 to 7, and the questions get harder as you go along. and from what I have read and heard so far the qtrainers 6 and 7 are more like the nclex and are actually harder than nlcex and they recommend you get at least 65% on 6 and 7.

    I had the ff scores

    qtrainer 1=67%
    qtrainer 2= 64
    qtrainer 3= 61

    working on qtrainer 4 now, I also have the Lippincott, but if I have time after I finished kaplan qbank, then I will take their comprehensive test.

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    Taking mine on June 19. I am using Kaplan. finished doing questions in sauders and LaCharity in April. just focusing on Kaplan. will be posting my scores for the qtrainers soon. I graduated two weeks ago and I have been staying at my gradmas summer camp, away from civilization just to focus on studying.

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    Quote from sadavey
    I definitely disagree with the idea that private schools are easier. I am in a nursing program at the only private school in my area -- there are three other public universities around that also offer a BSN. Our grading system is much higher than the others, and our classes are tough. We also will graduate with more clinical hours.

    Private school is not the easy way out.
    That's why I said it is only my opinion from my experience from both a private and a public. U dnt have to agree and u re entitled to urs.

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    Thanks for the encouragement

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Also be aware that the BON has to authorise you and that may take longer than a month as a lot will depend on how quick your school sends in transcripts and how quickly the BON acts on your application
    I talke to some past students n the secretary at our school who is responsible for sending our stuff to the BON n she said she sends them as soon as we are done n it has taken past students max of a week to get authorization for the may graduates but for the December graduates it can take weeks. Since I'm graduating in may I'm anticipating to get authorization in two weeks n will sign up for the earliest available time to take the exam

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    Hi Inori

    I understand your point about not rushing into it cos I may have to wait 45 days if I don't pass. but I have been waiting for this day for a long time, and now I have my dream job as a critical care RN been offered to me on condition that I pass the nclex before the start.
    I feel I stand a good chance of passing the first time with Kaplan because I have studied for this exam since my last year in nursing school, doing questions and rationales from every book, but my nerves are killing me and there is always that little voice in my head telling "I could screw this up"

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    Hi lizzyreg

    thanks for your advice

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    thanks for the feedback