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  • Mar 2 '14

    I have been a PCT/RN for under a year....and yes. I am so guilty of this! My boyfriend won't even let me touch his arms if we are sitting watching a movie. He keeps them out of reach at most times because it is hard for me to keep from searching for a good vein!

  • Mar 2 '14

    Quote from Mom To 4
    I intentionally chose to attend a BSN to DNP program that was not a Chamberlain, Walden, Phoenix type program. I am still completing my BSN to DNP online but through a well respected school. One of my mentors stated the other day that these programs are being cracked down on. Also, keep in mind every state may not accept graduates from that program. Excelsior has had many issues in different states. I am sure someone else will sing the school's praises though.
    Chamberlain is an accredited program and is an actual school in existance for over 100 years. Excelsior had problems because they were running a nursing program without a clinical component.

    You do realize that other schools that aren't just online schools offer distance learning? Ever heard if a little school in DC called Georgetown?

    Personally, it's a waste to do BSN to DNP right now because you are spending an extra 2 years in school finishing up the DNP when you could be working as an NP after completing a masters and doing the DNP while your working. There is no DNP requirement by 2015, it's only suggested not required.

  • Feb 10 '13

    Real caffeine addicts go for dark chocolate covering expresso beans. Wash it down with a cup of java and the world turns.

  • Aug 21 '12

    Quote from DutchgirlRN
    I understand not having time to attend classes but how do you become a NP w/o having done your time working with a doctor or another NP?
    Sounds incomplete to me. Reminds me of Vanderbilt University. If you have a bachelors in any subject, architecture, interior decorating, indian chief, can attend Vanderbilt for 2 years and become a NP. How scary is that!?
    The educational requirements are the same for online students as they are for those who attend class in person. The delivery of the information is the only difference.

    Clinicals are done with NPs or MD/DOs and fulfill the same state requirements as any other school. The hours must be verified prior to the completion of each semester or else you retake the class.

    It is neither incomplete nor scary. There are those for whom attending a school in person is not possible for many reasons. It does not make them less worthy of being an NP or becoming excellent providers.

    If you have any questions, I'm certain there are many here with experience and willingness to help you understand the new generation of web-based programs.