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    Hi all,
    I just graduated with my BSN. I was told by the faculty of my program that I will be unable to take the NCLEX until the end of June. There are two review sessions offered in my area, one during the first few days of June, the other June 20th. I am wondering if it would be more beneficial for me to take it early or closer to my testing date?


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    Thank you! But I have looked into that and the schools around me are all very competitive. SOUTHERN- cant get into until at least 2013, Fairfield, Quinnipac and St. Joes are way tooo much money!

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    Hi All,

    I am new to All Nurses but every time I try and search something related to the field this website helps me out- so first off THANK-YOU!

    I am very confused. I have my B.S. from SCSU in Communications and have had NO LUCK getting a job. Needless to say I have decided that I am passionate about health care and am going to go back to school to be a RN.

    Here is my issue. I have been looking into programs and cannot decide which is the best choice......

    1) A local CT Community College offerers a 2 year program for RN (ASN) which I would be able to get into within a semester or two- and graduate from in 2 years.

    2) I can go back to SCSU and work towards my BSN which will take me a little bit longer but cost me about double the amount of money.

    I just don't know the major difference better the two degrees in relationship to getting a job here in CT and the difference in pay scale.

    If i complete the two year degree, am I going to end up going back to school to earn my BSN anyway?