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    I had butte for micro (very good teacher) if anyone still needs to take micro or a&p. I have not applied for blue gold program but that sounds really weird that to qualify you can't have any college experience. Try to email the guidance office they always get back to me quicker over email than phone calls everytime that I've had a question

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    I Registered for the group yesterday this is so exciting we ge to talk before orientation! I took my micro final today and got an A!! So glad that all the pre reqs are over....zephyr who did you have for micro if you are taking it?

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    [FONT="Arial Narrow"]Hiiiii Everyone!! I will also be started at CCP in the fall. I am so excited to meet everyone at orientation in a week! Zephyr can you join the nursing group on google even if you don't start the program till the fall?