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    Does anyone know for sure if Charity still offers night classes?

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    I'm really interested in continuing school to become a Midwife but I've noticed that expectant mothers using a midwife is a more common up north than it is down in the southern states. I would be nervous to go through all of that schooling and not be able to find a job. I live in the New Orleans area where it's already tough just for newly graduated RN's to find jobs. I've researched midwives that practice here locally and there are only a few (all mainly private practices.) Do you think it's possible for the use of Midwives to grow more popular in the next couple of years?

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    I'm new to the site so I'm not really sure how to send a private message but I was hoping you could send me a copy of that message too please. I'll be starting next January and I would love to know all about the instructors to request and tips for registering for classes. That would be really helpful!