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    Thank you. I loved it but it really bit me in the butt. By then there was so much consistent high adrenalin and holding dying babies that it was too late and my whole body has taken a beating with it. I have looked for some of the nursing suggestions and will continue. Some physical things have to be taken care of first but I'm aggressively looking now.

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    Thanks for your input. Part of my issue is being afraid to do somethink new as I still have some issues and frequently feel "unmarketable". I will continue to look in areas that you have suggested.

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    I have PTSD from working in the neonatal intensive care unit for many years and also for a personal tragedy. I really want to return to nursing but am limited in areas I can work now. My doctor has said that I may have to leave nursing altogether and I think she may be right, unless it's the right nursing job. Any suggestions for nursing with little patient contact (or at least not with a reasonable possibility of dying) or something out of nursing in which my nursing experience could be of help. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated! I love nursing but am open to options at this point.

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    Please include neonatal nurses of nurses at increased risk of PTSD. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't remember every baby that I held while he/she died. But those that I do remember I have a better memory of than I do of my own wedding and the wedding is with the help of pictures. The first baby was 26 years ago. Over the past 5 years or so I've gradually disintegrated at work, not knowing exactly what was happening. But my co-workers were seeing it. I loved my job, loved the adrenaline rush. My therapist calls what is happening to me now as adrenal fatigue. If I hear a sound in a store that sounds like one of our alarms I can feel the adrenalin shoot up. I want to work but not in any patient care setting. Nursing research sounds good, a research grunt. Research particularly in nursing PTSD.