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  • May 6 '12

    Quote from EsseQuamVideri
    Yes, there is a "nursing shortage" as a simple equation of healthcare's needs/healthcare's providers, however the economy has limited ways to ameliorate these two variables.
    *** I wonder have you taken into account that many/most nursing schools have greatly expanded their programs and are graduating many, many more nurses each year? Also new programs have sprung up all over the place. Did you consider those two factors when you came to the conclusion that there is indeed a nursing shortage?
    Have you ever been to your states board of nursing web site and seen just how many licensed nurses there are in your state?

  • Jan 9 '12

    That is a thought-provoking question. I would sit with them, hold their hand (if they want), talk with them, read to them. I would share my faith with them only if asked. I am a Christian, but I tend to be pretty private about it (okay....except in a few cases on allnurses...when standing up for my beliefs). Would I remain present if the family wanted to pray? Sure. Would I lead the prayer? Unlikely.

  • Dec 1 '11

    Don't feel intimidated. They're all really nice. Just talk about why nursing, why you want to go into the track you chose, etc. Trust me: The professors are not about to ask "gotcha" questions