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    Anyone from Tier 3 with good updates? Any previous awardees from Tier 3?

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    I figured. Thought I'd try again anyways. Thank you.

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    Probably too early to ask but anyone have any updates? Mine still says Under Review. Haven't seen any credit checks or anything. I applied last year and was in Tier III. I reapplied this year and my hosp remained in Tier III.

    If any previous awardees are reading, what tier was your hospital?


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    Quote from Littleguccipiggy
    I'm still hanging out on the waitlist waiting to hear from oncology! As anyone been accepted into that area yet?
    i have a friend who got a job offer in onc last month. i think she starts next month! not sure if they are still looking to hire more but good luck!

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    congrats TeleNurse22 and PackersFan!!! do you mind saying which hospitals you got into?

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    Quote from NoMoreSchool
    Hi everyone,

    Just want to update everyone. I got a call for the manager's interview yesterday for PACU. However, I accepted a position with Kaiser so I rejected CHLA.

    Good luck to all those that interviewed and you all will get a job soon!!!!

    oh wow i didn't know kaiser is hiring! congrats!!!

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    Quote from lovepeacelove
    What unit are you interested in? And did you get a call for an interview?

    I've noticed that we applied to all the same places because I've seen you post on all the threads that I read lol. What school did you graduate from??

    i sent you a msg!

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    hmm it looks like i won't be getting a call! congrats to all who did.

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    i have been on the waitlist for the longest time ever but i just got a call around 10 mins for a preliminary interview on monday. my first choice was picu. anyone else got a call? has anyone gotten hired in picu yet?

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    Quote from nycali
    Hi All,

    So we definitely have to interview with the managers after interviewing with HR? There's no chance it's just one interview?

    I heard the HR interview was definitely one of two interviews. In the past some units have had 3 interviews but it sounds like there are only two this year?
    They will be letting people know by the week of the 20th whether or not you get the job, which would be after the managers' interview. I believe the interviews are already going on and will continue til next week...
    Not sure if they are still making calls to schedule interviews but good luck!

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    Quote from Stickyrunner325
    Thanks for the update kpter! Let us know what unit when she tells you.
    my friend said heme/onc!

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    Quote from kanakele
    Has everyone received a call from Fountain Valley? I left a message with DAve yesterday and still no response..
    I believe people received calls for a panel interview on Tuesday. Not sure if they still need to call more people but good luck!!

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    A friend of mine just got a call for an interview! I haven't gotten a call yet but I just wanted to update everyone! I'm still waiting to hear which unit, she just sent me a text.

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    oncology and i can't remember which unit the other girl picked!