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    I think you were thinking of the night I just had! People in the hospital can be miserable and you happen to be the nearest target. Most times I can talk them down, but tonight was an exception. Good luck!

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    You know you're a nurse when you unconsciously palate your husband's or wife's veins when you hold his/her hand (I do this constantly and it drives him nuts!)

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    Thank you. As I said, it seems I was misinformed.

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    I had a nosebleed right in the middle of an IV start. It was a real gusher. It's a little tricky to manage two biohazards at one time.

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    Ok, so I did some research outside of what the hospital gave me, and it seems true that insurance covers most AMA discharges. I learned something new, but I still bristle at stating I was lying to patients as this was what the hospital was teaching us. It seems administration was either seriously misinformed or lying, but I don't think staff was being malicious.

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    Show me the info that states this is not true. All the info I have states this can happen. I don't recommend saying I'm lying to a patient without literature to back it up.

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    We don't make them sign an AMA form if refused, but we can still discharge them that way and document the proposed plan of care they are refusing. I don't necessarily agree with our non-smoking policy because it is very rigid. Some patients may not get the treatment they need because they are too attached to cigarrettes. We do offer nicotine patches, etc. Many choose not to use them. Under our state law, there is no smoking allowed in any business or public building. They way it is written is how the hospital is able to have this policy.

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    Our patients sign a no-smoking acknowledgement on admit. It states that should the patient be found outside smoking they shall be discharged against medical advice and insurance will likely not cover their stay. I've only seen one person do so anyway, but the nurse did not enforce it.

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    Congrats everyone! I really had no idea what nasty truly was until I read this.

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    Oh yes, I certainly have. Also, if I was going to goof, it was usually in front of someone important. My first NG insertion inspired this:[url]

    You'll do fine, good luck.

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    I am unsure what to think. We've all had that patient that we can identify with or personally like, and thousands of people offer to donate marrow to strangers. It's fortunate for him that she was a match, but it does feel to me that there was a line crossed. I'm not sure which one.

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    Ha, I'm hoping mine was. I really couldn't leave it alone.

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    Quote from 46oldnewrn
    I actually like patient surveys!! It shows the hospital what a bunch of miserable nurses that I work with who are so negative and mean are really like. And it shows that people appreciate me, as a kind and helpful nurse.
    I smell a one-sided story. I wonder what your coworkers would say to that comment?I'll hand it to my DON, she only shows us the positive comments really. She knows how irrelevant many of the comments are.

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    I say do the same thing that you do with a scurvy pirate-make her walk the plank. Sorry, my kids were singing that all day, and the title reminded me of that song again. Good luck.

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    Well said, CheesePotato, well said. I was particularly moved by, "Superglue of awesomeness.". . Your words mean a lot.