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    Quote from muesli
    Thank you! I love unpredictability, shifting modes. It keeps me excited about my job. However, I want to pursue a specialty where I can learn a lot, and be intellectually challenged. I feel I could learn much in either job, but I'm less convinced that Ed nurses become "experts"about certain conditions like a specialty ICU nurse could. But maybe I'm wrong?

    Your good Er nurses become expert at a lot of conditions, in the Er you must know a lot about a lot of different things

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    Quote from crazy&cuteRN
    I lasted 30 days in the ED. I couldn't wrap my mind around some of the complaints.

    Patient:"I think I'm having an allergic reaction, to a medication".
    Me: " When did you last take the medicine"?
    Patient: "Seven years ago when I had my son".
    Me: Stood there with mouth open.
    Hahahaha do we work together?????
    These things happen allllllllll the time and I just laugh!
    My last good one was
    15yo boy no previous med hex, mother swears he stopped breathing and had to give him mouth to mouth in the car, boy presents with no s/s, completely a/ox4 , and TEXTING, after I confiscated his phone . I am think ok ok don't be the mean nurse try and take them serious and give BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT that SOMETHING happened so get a line get him on the monitors, check his says oh my god you know he had his braces tightened last week!!!!! That's got to be why this happened, get the dr NOW and lets take his braces off!!!!
    I LOVE my job, I just smiled and giggled as I walked away( under my mask of course)

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    Good luck! You should be nervous, and that's why your going to have an orientation. Just stay calm and think your way through things and youll be ok

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    Any Ed nurses on here work for either Vanderbilt Medical center or Leconte Medical Center? I am currently very seriously considering trying to move to tennessee and would love to work at either facility. Right now I work at a fairly large ED, see a ton of patients, feel like I am growing as a nurse every week.The reason I ask does anybody work at either place is because I want to talk with someone first hand about their experience there and best way to get there!

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    Unfortunately, my ED will sometimes hold ICU, TICU patients. And I hate it! It sounds like you tried to do your best and that y'all were slammed, the only good thing that my ed does is that when we have to hold the criticil pts we can close part of the ed that is set up as a major room and use those rooms to hold but we group all those pts together BUT its usually still only 1:4-5 and if your lucky you may have a tech. BUT the bad part of that is that you then occupy those major beds and the major assignments can then be quickly over filled and then you have the dreaded "hallway patients". Again, sounds like you were doing good trying to hang in there, and your going to make difficult decisions about what needs to be done first. Don't sweat the "telling of the charge/boss". You did what you could and your only one nurse

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    Ill say it like most of the ED nurses here will....Im sorry but if you really want this opportunity than your going to have to suck it up, pay your dues on nights and then maybe go to daytime when you have been there longer.May I also point out your a new grad, level 1 trauma center and you got an interview I'd LOVE to have.....if you cant make the interview....I can

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    Hi all!
    As a few of y'all know I recently graduated from my ADN program and have started my nursing career in the ED at a local hospital.
    My question is,since I know alot of you have taken advantage of the online programs and know more about them than I do at this point is this:
    I live in NC, I would like a RN-BSN ONLINE ONLY program that is accreddited but oh my goodness at all the mess google brings up, it's overwhelming!
    B/c of the work load I have now, I wouldn't have time to do any type of clinicals like I did in my ADN program.
    PLEASE help, any advice or school information is going to be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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    I am so glad to see this forum support nurses who love God! I have had a lot to endure the meger 27 years I have been.on this earth and sometimes I feel like I'm three times my age! I bounced around from a mom and dad who hated the sight of me, endured abuse that would make most people sick. But I made it and it wasn't until the last year or so that I realized the whole adult life I spent looking for a parent to love me.....I had it in Jesus Christ, throughout everything he was there. Loving me during times I wished I was dead, pushing me when I thought I couldn't make it. He was the one and the only one who has never forsaken me,never once. He lead me to my great husband blessed me with a daughter and blessed me with the will and determination to do anything in this life I want to, and all the glory be to him.
    I don't have a scripture off the top of my head because I'm really now studying the kjv, but I wanted to.say what I had on my mind.

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    Welllllllll see what had happened wuz..............
    Started as a nice saturday, went to visit my parents who have a blind Australian Shepard mix dog. My daughter is 10, well she goes to walk in the house with myself and my mom and feels the dog sniffing the back of her knee and turns around and CHOMP right on the back of the knee!!!
    2 puncture wounds later + screaming and crying I get the bleeding to stop, the crying to a muffle and get it cleaned, covered and iced down.
    Attachment 10063

    Good things about the day= God controlled the situation and it could have been alot worse and wasn't!!, Didn't hit any arteries, Dog is current on all is child.

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    There are always going to be husband always says (from a movie, ofcourse) "haters gonna hate, gators gonna gate" lol!
    I guess what Im saying is, try to have a sense of humor about what they said, I know it hurts to have someone you look up to put you down especially when you feel your doing fine.
    I had and Im sure we have all had "that" teacher who seems to hate your guts for some unknown reason or no matter what you do they act like you suck, I finally just decided that I would take whatever constructive criticism they had for me and use it, if they had something to say, I would always ask...ok what can I do better, I want to learn but I need to be guided by constructive criticism.
    BUT i agree, mean people suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Pearson Vue trick worked for me aswell as my class mates!
    Welcome to nursing!!

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    HAHA, anything with my name and RN sounds great to me, PM me and ill give you the info you need to use my q-bank.
    I only did the first 40 on number 7, and to be honest my scores aren't great at all with kaplan, but I in turn I used every wrong question as the opportunity to learn something new from the rationales.
    I don't know how to answer when your ready tho, bc if I would have waited until I THOUGHT I was ready, I would have never taken the test.

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    I am a "new" younger nurse and I am ashamed that they're are those who act that way and seem to give the "young'ins" bad names.
    While I don't *like* everyone I work with enough to be besties with them, I WILL be professional because that's what is expected as a PROFESSIONAL nurse.
    As for your current situation, while I worked as a non nurse in a very driven health care career before now, I constantly had new people coming in and "reporting" me b/c I didn't do things like the orientation packet says, well I found after a while that those people tend to weed them selves out, so hard as it may be just smile and give a good ole southern blessing and say....bless your heart..lets get you some help with that....hehehehhe

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