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    Looking for Canadian Parish nurses... any in Manitoba?
    I am in Roblin, Manitoba.

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    Well it's been about three years of stewing and praying and thinking about health ministry. I believe our church family is ready for it. Pastor F was already sold three years ago - but left it up to me. I just met with our CARE team and next stop is a presentation to the Church Executive. Looks like I should be starting up a trial period by September. This is really big for me - and exciting! Hoping to take the PN course within the next year.

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    I have been an RN for 11 years and worked in a variety of settings. Home care has been my favourite. I have been a Home Care Nurse (that's what we call it) now for 4 years in a rural town of about 2000 people. We are employed by a regional health authority which is governed by the provincial health ministry. Our cases involve mostly seniors except for the occasional post-op client or a client with a healing wound of some other sort. We mostly change dressings, give monthly vitamin shots and some support care with clients with catheters and colostomies.

    I appreciate the relationships I have been able to build with my clients (/friends). For some of them, the Home Care Staff are sometimes the only people they ever see in a day. So I consider my role to be very important for building value into the lives of each of my clients as I show them that they are important and loved.

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    hi there everybody. i am a rn in manitoba canada. i am currently working as a home care nurse and enjoy it. i am starting a new parish nurse ministry in my local church. this is a totally new thing to us - and to anyone i know - as far as that goes. i've found several good websites that explain what parish nursing is all about and i look forward to learning from all of you.

    i'm wondering if there are any canadian parish nurses in this group. if so i'd love to hear from you.