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    I graduated 12/13/14.
    I just took the AANP and passed yesterday (1/28/15). I applied for the APRN licensure today with the TX board of nursing. I also mailed off my official transcript to the TX board of nursing today (1/29/14. I should have done this sooner).

    Do you have to wait for the AANP to send you the official document saying you passed for you to send it to the TX BON? Or can I send the TX BON that stamped sealed preliminary PASSED piece of paper that the testing center gives you when you pass?

    I'm trying to make the process quick as well.

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    Is anyone taking Advanced Assessment for Spring 2013 at TWU (Denton campus) for the FNP program? Or has anyone taken Advanced Assessment at TWU for the FNP program?

    I wanted to get some feedback and incite on how this class will be and what to expect.

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    Hey guys,

    I am at TWU (Denton campus) FNP program. Spring 2012 will be my 2nd semester. I'm going part-time and I have a LONG time before I begin clinicals. But hearing this has disturbed me. So have you guys gotten clinical sites yet? What advice can you give me before I begin clinicals? What campuses are you guys at?

    I saved you guys as friends. I hope you don't mind and I would appreciate any advice you could give me.


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    CONGRATS! What schools do you guys attend?

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    OKAY, so how is everyone 'ENJOYING' Adv. Pathophys so far? LOL

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    Quote from NurseW74
    Hello everyone I'm a 25 year old male, finishing up the FNP program on August 14 of this year and I am pretty much finished with my clinical hours and capstone project. Now I gotta study for boards. I'm going to take AANP and do you have any advice for me regarding preparation? I'm seriously a studious person who is able to stay home 6-8 hours a day studying since I don't work at all because of USAF HPSP scholarship . I think i studied that much per day for 6 weeks for my RN license. Even though my friends at this age wants to party all the time, on weekends, go to the beach, etc, I discipline myself to stay home and study when I feel I need to.

    Right now I have Fitzgerald 2010 CDs and work booklet that comes with it, the 3rd edition NP Cert Exam book by Fitzgerald (the purple book with the red dot on bottom left corner). Am I missing something here? I'm not going to take a review course.
    WOW, NURSEW74! I KNOW this is OFF TOPIC, BUT I totally COMMEND you on completing a FNP PROGRAM at the age of 25! I graduated with a BSN at 22, worked for 2 years as a RN, and am now going to FNP school this fall! To be finished at 25 is a GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT! CONGRATS and best of luck with your boards and FNP career! YOU are definitely a inspiration and motivation!

    What FNP school did you attend? Did you go full time (2 years)?

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    I ALSO got DENIED from UTA. My last 60 hours cumulative GPA was 3.3 and I've been a RN for two years. I guess UTA NP program is TOUGH to get in. But I got accepted to TWU. THANK GOD!

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    I'm nervous about starting school!! I'm taking Advanced Pathophys!

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    Quote from nurseabby28
    Thanks for all the advice, guys. I start my first semester of FNP school in two weeks, and I'm SUPER excited/nervous. Keep all the good info coming!!!
    I'm starting FNP school Sept 1st at TWU!! what school will you be attending?

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    Glad to hear we are CLASSMATES!! are both of you guys taking ADVANCED PATHOPHYSIOLOGY?

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    Pretty Wings RN,
    What FNP program are you attending? I'm 24, have two years as a nurse too. And I'm beginning FNP school next week at Texas Woman's Univ in Denton. What classes will u be taking?

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    Thank you for providing so much valuable INSIGHT on how a DNP contributed to your practice! VERY INSPIRATIONAL!

    I also enjoy research and would now consider obtaining a DNP. I'm currently a MSN-FNP student that will begin my program part-time, THIS AUGUST. I've always wondered what a DNP would bring to an already practicing NP. Your contribution was enlightening and informative. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

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    Quote from carachel2
    Hey there...congrats on being accepted ! Are you going to accept or are you going to wait to hear from UTa as well ?
    I denied from UTA!! lol, I'm glad I got accepted into TWU though!!