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    If you're dead set on reporting them, make SURE they're actually diverting. I was just fired (I live in Atlanta) because we got a new don/adon and both are black, which is great. Except every single person I work with hates white people. They proceeded to create paper trails of write ups for all the white nurses until they were fired. We went from having 85% white nurses to 1 white nurse - they will only hire white staff for housekeeping and laundry, and the black nurses are EXTREMELY under qualified. Two of the extremely racist black nurses who worked my cart (there were 4 nurses who worked it total) set me up (one worked 7-3, I worked 3-11, and the girls best friend worked 11-7) They stole several narcotic CARDS and the sheets to go along with them, and both went to the DON and told them I did it. (I did NOT.) Thankfully, I have a pain dr I go to after I fell 35 feet out of a tree on to rocks, so I have an rx for all my meds, but the point is, THEY TRIED TO GET ME FIRED AND TAKE MY LICENSE. They constantly told the mngmt that I was a pill thief, and it got so bad, and because they had no proof of anything other than these two hateful womens words. I could have lost everything because of someone who decided to lie and do their best to besmirch my name. And just for the record... I'm the most non-racist person I know. I'm an excellent nurse and have received accolades wherever I've worked. But just coming from someone who got thrown under the bus by hateful nurses, be careful who you report unless you are 100% sure. You could destroy someones livelihood just because you have some sort of inclination that could possibly be very wrong. Thankfully, they failed at trying to get me pinned for the narcotics, but because they constantly wrote grievances against me, I lost a job a love, in LTC where the people were like my family.

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    Heh heh... Try Georgia, where LPNs WITH supervisory experience make a grand total of $14/hr in a lot of places. I made $19/hr fresh out of school when I moved to Mississippi.

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    I've been an LPN since '06, and I'm looking into the Excelsior LPN-RN program. Is anyone from GA graduated from the program, or is currently in it? I'd very much like to talk to someone who could give me some information. I haven't started yet, and would like to talk to someone who is already in the program.


    Please email me with any information you have regarding the program. I REALLY want to start this ASAP!

    I'm looking for information as to the cost, is it accredited and other things that could help me. I'd like to start as SOON as possible, possibly this spring. I'd be willing to talk to you on the phone if you'd be agreeable to do so, as I have many questions that I haven't been able to find on the AllNurses message board or the Excelsior site.

    Thank you for your help!!!


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    What they said is true... I moved here from out of state with my LPN, and when they told me they'd be offering me $14/hour at a LTC center, I laughed and said, 'No, really... what are you really offering?' The quizzical look on the ladies face said it all. She told me Georgia is one of the lowest paying states for nurses. If I hadn't inherited a house and had a mortgage, I'd be living hand to mouth. My advice is to stay where they're paying you $25/hour! Some of our RNs here don't even make that much.

    Also... most of my LPN friends have to work 2 jobs just to make ends meet when they have kids. I'm REALLY glad I don't, for that reason alone.

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    I finally decided to quit and get another LTC job, which was just as horrible as the last place. I've decided to take a break from LTC and do Private Duty nursing (which not only pays $7-11/hr more, but is INFINITELY less stressful). I don't think I'll be going back to LTC any time soon... it seems the nurses who do that particular job are frequently angry, bitter and vicious. Life is too short to deal with lunatic co-workers. :-/

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    I have decided to leave the job. I have an interview next week at another facility, so fingers crossed I get the job. I told my manager I felt like I was working in a hostile environment, and it was making me very uncomfortable. Nothing was done, and the other nurse is STILL continuing to try and get me into trouble. I spoke with the DON yesterday, and she told me that it would be best if I just ignored this nurse... NOT a satisfactory response, as while I was in her office, she handed me a write up, telling me that she was writing me up because an 'ANONYMOUS person' (the evil co-worker) claimed I'd back dated something. (I didn't.) However, I couldn't prove otherwise. :flamesonb

    I can't WAIT to get out of that place. They'll be lucky if they get a full 2 week notice.

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    Is this something I should consider seeing a lawyer about, like was suggested in the first response? Perhaps a 'cease and desist' letter, or maybe a slander lawsuit? I'm concerned this is damaging my career, especially since nurses who don't even work there are contacting me asking about it.

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    I've been a nurse for 5 years, and at my present facility for 2. I've come to find out in the last 2 weeks, that another nurse (same position as me - floor nurse) has been spreading lies about me throughout the facility, as well as to other nurses in the area. She is saying I'm 'on drugs' and 'stealing narcotics'. This is a SERIOUS allegation, and I am NOT!! She's basing her entire theory on the fact I give OUT more PRN meds than she does, but this is because I'm actually on the floor, interacting with the patients, who ask me for meds, whereas she sits behind the desk and ignores the call lights. She also used to be an ADON elsewhere, and has the mentality that getting other people in trouble makes HER look better, so she constantly does it.

    What should I do? I'm terrified I'm going to be canned for something I haven't done. According to another nurse, shes already gone to the DON with these accusations a while back, but nobody in management has said anything to me. My 2 closest nurse friends have conflicting opinions over what I should do. One says to confront the girl with a witness, then let it blow over. The other says I should go to the DON/Administrator and make a huge deal over it. I'm uncomfortable with the latter, as the upper management and I don't really get along, and I don't want to bring up anything that would give them a reason to terminate me. (I work in a den of snakes. Seriously.)

    Fiancee says quit immediately and find another job, because this one is so stressful on multiple levels, and I've been wanting to leave anyway.

    Please help! My career/license is at stake here...

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    I need some advice as to how to handle the medical director at the LTC facility I work at... I work at a 150 bed LTC/acute rehab facility, in which there are 3 MDs (including the med. director, who is assigned 75% of the patients). He is from Africa, and I've had nothing but problems with him since the day I was hired. Let me list the issues I'm having, and you can just refer to the number in your replies...

    1. He never comes into the facility - during a 'good' month, he might show up once a week, though I've seen him not come in for weeks at a time (I'm not just talking about my shift... he doesn't come in at all, on any shift.) Not to do new patient MD assessments or anything.

    2. He undermedicates people for pain, because it's an 'inconvienience' for him to have to write hard copies for the pharmacy. He actually told me to 'just give them some tylenol q4h' when I had a new 65 yr old patient (who was in a great deal of pain) in with a broken hip. Sometimes, he'll even refuse to give people orders for tylenol (for no good reason). I had a pt with a broken arm and broken humerus, and when I asked him to write an rx for pain meds, he said angrily, 'All you American women are the same... You can't handle any pain and it makes me sick', and hung up on me. I've had dozens of patients just moan and cry themselves to sleep every night because they're hurting so much and he refuses to do anything. From stage 4 terminal cancer to arthritis, he seems to have a MAJOR aversion to giving anything out. The more I ask, the more he seems to want to say 'no'. He also undermedicates for anxiety, but thats another story for another day.

    3. He refuses to return virtually ANY of his pages. (Its a 1:20 ratio.... not just with me, but with all of the nurses.) I work 2nd shift, and he once told me that unless it was the biggest emergency of my life, that I'd better not ever call him again after business hours. He then proceeded to curse me out and yell at me in a foreign language. His attitude is beyond unprofessional (which I can deal with), but it's to the point where I'm afraid to page him/call his office (even though I pretty much know he's not going to call back/reply) because he will scream and belittle you. I can handle it, but its very depressing, and has most every nurse I work with scared to call him, which is resulting in a much poorer quality of patient care.

    I understand MDs are people too and everyone has a different personality. However, I feel like I'm stuck in a terrible situation where I can't take care of my patients, PARTICUARLY the ones in pain, because he just doesn't have time to be bothered with them. I had a 103 year old patient whos feet were rotting off from gangrene and she cried so much from the pain that I had to change her pillowcase at least 2 times a shift (because it was soaked with tears). I finally got her family to agree to hospice so she could get the relief she so desperately needed.

    What can/should I do?? Even my immediate supervisor has said she's not going to be calling him ever again because of how rude he has always been to her. I don't want to be labeled a whistle-blower (though I have no problem doing so), but do any of you think this man is breaking the law somehow? He seems like some sort of closet sadist to me... he has no compassion for the elderly, and to refuse to help them makes me so depressed. I feel helpless and I want to do something... my patients are like my family and it kills me to see them abused like this, because of some LAZY/ANGRY/RUDE dr treating them like trash. (And just for clarification, I have a very large age range of pts... they're not all very old.)

    Sorry this was so long, but I need ideas as to what to do. Is what he's doing something I should report to the medical board? I feel like keeping people in pain because you're too lazy to write the RX is ABUSE. (I know the majority of responders first instinct is to say 'Get another job!!', and I plan to do so in the spring when I get married (insurance reasons), but that still isn't going to solve the problem of him abusing his patients. I want it to STOP, and I need to know how to make it happen! I'm leery about writing nursing notes that allude to his indifference, etc, to my patients complaints, but if you all say it would be ok, I'll go for it. :-/

    Thanks again for your help!!

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    I need some help from you all, please! I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do. I value the opinions of the nurses on this board, and am hoping to get some advice.

    I've been experiencing extreme pain in the front of my left shoulder thats gotten increasingly worse over the last 6 months. (I fell out of a tree 2 years ago, but the pain only really got going 6 months ago, so ???) I began seeing an orthopedic surgeon 5 months ago, and I initially did PT for 4 sessions, but they discharged me b/c of no progress and terrible pain. I had x-rays, an arthrogram & an MRI. The surgeon said I had a very large bone spur, but the results were otherwise 'inconclusive'. Because the pain was so intense that I frequently felt like I was going to pass out, he scheduled surgery to remove the bone spur and fix any torn muscles. (Before & after surgery, I can only abduct my arm at a 30 degree angle...)

    I had the surgery 2 weeks ago. Moments after the 1 1/2 procedure, the surgeon came out and began rambling nervously to my fiancee about how 'when he got in there he realized the problem was an impacted fracture, and they don't know how they missed it, but they didn't take out the bone spur because the fx was what was causing me so much pain, that they would have never done surgery if they'd have known what the actual problem was etc.' When the anesthesia started to wear off, all I could do was scream. I've been in EXCRUCIATING pain ever since, and the pain I felt in the front of my arm has not been relieved at all and has only continued to get worse.

    I've had 4 follow up appointments to see the surgeon, but for every one, he's had some excuse to not see me, (even though he's been in the office) and sent his PA in to talk to me. (Mostly to watch me sit there and cry, and rx me different NSAIDS/Lyrica/Cymbalta/Ultram/Percocet, etc, to try) I don't know WHY he won't see me... all I can figure is that something went wrong during the surgery, and he's expecting legal action. (?) I saw a copy of my operative report, and it was worded VERY vaguely. (I've been a nurse for 4 years, and I know what "CYA" wording looks like...) but I honestly don't know what to do now. The fx was glossed over and barely mentioned. The last time I saw him was as he was holding the mask to my face just prior to the anesthesia knocking me out.

    I've been taking 7.5 mgs of Percocet q4h, but all that does is take the 'sharpness' off the pain. I can't sleep, I feel nautious b/c I hurt so much, and the PT I'm doing isn't helping the bone pain at ALL.
    In my opinion, I feel like the MD seemingly avoiding me is raising red flags, but I feel so lost as to what to do. I was thinking about a second opinion, though because I've already HAD surgery (albeit, surgery that didn't do anything but uncover a fracture that I don't know HOW they missed, and may have actually worsened the problem) I'm concerned another physician won't want to see me.

    I can't continue to go on like this... I'm only 30 years old, and that's WAY too young to just resign myself to a life of pain and immobility, not to mention that until I get this fixed, I'm unable to work as a nurse, because the pain is keeping me from doing anything with my left arm. Please help.

    Does anyone have ANY idea what I should do? See a lawyer? See another surgeon? See a pain specialist?

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    SOOOO... She's BACK, after a week long stay at a psych facility. She ultimately DID come back with a dx of 'Psychosis' and a new order for Risperdal 0.5mg, bid, which she is refusing to take (she does take her 2 mg klonopin and 10 mg lortab, however). I've been relieved of my duties involving her (the mgmt told her 'I was not allowed to come near her or talk to her', which in my opinion, made me seem like the bad guy and the one who was at fault, but nonetheless, I don't have to interact with her ANYMORE.) I've been pretending like she doesn't exist... I refuse to make eye contact, never speak to her, and just generally act like I'm not aware that she's even in the building. She makes ugly statements to me when I pass, I don't change my expression. She comes in to a room I'm in, I continue smiling and whistling, etc. It's seeming to make her very irate, but hey, I'm not being assaulted or harassed nearly as much, and you can't 'fight' with someone who refuses to acknoledge your existance!! Now, shes having to target other nurses and pick on them. Shes' gone through at LEAST half the staff already, and shes only been there about 5 or 6 weeks.

    One more question though... CAN facilities 'kick' people out for inappropriate behavior towards other patients and staff? If I wanted to 'help it along'... what should I do? I saw the comment that suggested to contact the Ombudsman, and thought that was a GREAT idea. I'm doing that Monday. Any other ideas? ANY would be helpful. I hate coming to work at this point and probably SHOULD start looking for another job, but they're sort of scarce here at the moment. The corp I work for is obviously keeping her for the money, as our census is not all that great right now, and any money is good. Particuarly since we were able to bring her in as a Skilled Medicare pt. A, and she really needs nothing FROM the facility.

    Thank you all for all the help! You guys are GREAT!! :redpinkhe

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    Quote from mentalhealthRN
    Oh and wondering....your title for the post refers to the resident as "psychotic"--but say she has no diagnosed psych dx. Not sure if you are just throwing that word around or if the resident actually is showing signs and symptoms of psychosis--an actual diagnosis, with treatment options.
    Shes psychotic in MY opinion... she has NO dx of it... they're keeping her here for the $ and that is IT.

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    I work in a LTC/Rehab facility. There is a patient there who does NOT belong (she is 65 and has absolutely nothing physically wrong with her). However, she is homeless, and because of the money grubbing higher ups, they won't discharge her. She is psychologically disturbed (though not diagnosed as such), and has targeted myself and one of my CNAs. She was able to have the CNA suspended pending an investigation due to a complete BS allegation of abuse, and she said shes coming for my job next. (She also stated to me that she knew what to say and what to do, to have me fired and my license taken.) On Sunday, she spit in my face, and trapped me in a bathroom and tried to punch me... Shes one of my patients, so I can't keep COMPLETELY away from her, though I do have another nurse take her her medication, etc. The patient hovers at her door and waits until I come down the hall, then jumps out in front of me and begins verbally abusing me, screaming, and threatening me. I really am at a loss as to what to do. I've made reports. I've filed grievences. I've had all the staff who witness her terrifying behavior write statements...

    My question is... is there anything else I can do? I'm sure if it wasn't me she was targeting, it would be someone else, but to let this nutcase spit in my face and take a swing at my head is absurd. How would you handle it? It's getting to the point where I'm afraid to go to work. She really DOES know how to work the system and get the staff in trouble. She comes up with stories to try and pit the staff against each other, and because until shes targeted YOU, she seems like a somewhat off, but mostly together 65 year old woman.

    This is the second time shes been at my facility... The first time they kicked her out for assaulting another resident. However, I'm sure they won't do anything if she assaults a nurse (I've been assaulted by another patient, and they told me that if I couldn't handle being attacked, to hit the door.)

    Any suggestions as to what I can do?????? I've got to find a way to get this lady out of my facility before she attacks me or another resident again!!!!

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    What is the agency pay vs LTC pay? I make a measly $16.50/hr in GA working 3-11 and I was nudged toward agency from a friend... Please help!! I've got to find a new job... I'm desperate.

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    I currently work for Sunbridge and am trying looking for another job NOW. This place is a corporation first and foremost, and the place I work treats its staff like garbage. The 'FOR PROFIT' mentality is PAINFULLY OBVIOUS with these people... I'm constantly concerned about my license because I'm not able to provide even the minimum basic care.
    Then again, perhaps its just the facility I work at... A nightmare if I've ever seen one.