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    Personally, I wouldn't want a home birth. a) in case of emergency, I want to be at a hospital; b) ew; I don't want that mess at my house... or the memories (especially if something goes wrong); c) When I think of delivering a baby, I automatically think of hospital setting

    If you want a home birth, go ahead as long as its not contraindicating.

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    *Hugs* Your story brought tears to my eyes.

    I'm a nursing student and I'm not sure if it was in class or on a thread here that was discussing whether family members should be in the room during a code. I think it is much more important to include the parents of a child than the children of a parent during the code because children are much more unexpected (in most cases). I'm sure the mom appreciated seeing that y'all did everything you could in order to save her baby's life.

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    I'm for it as long as we follow a model that works in other countries that have socialized healthcare. Question for Jewels... you do know that UK (and pretty much every modern nation) has socialized healthcare too right? So by hypothetically moving there is it because their system is better or you didn't know it was socialized?

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    We used those in one of my nursing classes. We didn't have to buy for them though. We were assigned a number so I guess if it was missing you would be held accountable.

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    Quote from mommy2boysaz
    Some of the hospitals in my area give out Vera Bradley diaper bags, DeBrands chocolates (very expensive, delicious stuff!), etc, etc. Patients will actually call around and ask what freebies each hospital gives out before they decide where they will deliver! Not exactly the highest priority in my opinion, but it is happening!
    Can I have a Vera Bradley diaper bag that matches my kindle case and wallet please. lol. :spin:

    I'm not an ob nurse or mommy... yet... so I'm not sure what the hospitals in my area give. I know one hospital does foot prints and another hospital plays a lullaby every time a baby is born.

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    As a new cna I don't usually find time in my day for all of the patients to get baths and usually have to rush through it if I do give a bath. However, when night shift comes on and I tell them this they get annoyed because I guess they never do baths. I was on a 1-1 the other day and the patient wanted a bath but when I offered her one she repeatedly refused because she wanted a shower but that wasn't possible due to a couple of reasons.

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    I agree with getting BSN. A lot of job postings state that they prefer bsn over adn. If you can, get your prerequisites at a community college (make sure your credits can transfer). It is usually cheaper than going directly to a university.
    *Research the nursing schools around you to see what the prereqs are, nclex-rn pass rate, graduation rate, tuition costs, etc. Some schools also require an entrance exam. I had to take the teas test.
    *Maintain a good gpa throughout college and apply for scholarships.
    * When you get accepted into nursing school, start studying for the nclex-rn based on the classes you are currently taking. Studying for the nclex-rn usually helps with your tests/quizzes in school. You also might want to find apps for care plans and medications.
    * Talk to hospitals and see if you can shadow a nurse in different specialities to see what its like.
    *During clinicals, do your best, make connections, and make sure your instructor and/or the managers/nurses remember you in a good way. They may be able to write you a recommendation when you're looking for a job.
    *After you graduate, study study study for the nclex-rn and start applying for jobs. There are some threads on here about ways they found a job.
    * Depending on the np program, they require 1-2 years of nursing, sometimes in a certain speciality. So if you know what speciality you want to be in, look up the np schools with that degree and see what the requirements are. For instance, neonatal np requires at least 2 years in nicu.

    Doctoral programs are being phased in by the aacn. American Association of Colleges of Nursing | Frequently Asked Questions

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    There are some CNA's that don't do anything. However, as a cna myself on a busy floor I try my best. But I'm new also so I'm still getting used to doings things as fast as possible and figuring out things that don't go as planned. I do however, answer call lights and requests from nurses as long as I'm not in the middle of something (bed bath, potty assistance, etc). From my experience, the more senior nurses understand a little bit better and can help out more than the newer nurses.

    And dirty linens on the floor is a HUGE issue at my hospital. Definitely could be written up or fired because of it. If the cna is busy and/or won't help then grab the linen cart and all the linens you need on one trip so you don't have to go back and forth.

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    Oh wow, my program is no where near that bad. 80% of the professors are nice and are very approachable. There are a few bad apples, but the previous semester always warn us. I have to say I love my class too. We all help each other out, stand up for one another, and post study aids and answer questions on our facebook page.

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    That is a major issue. A lot of women go to ob/gyn for birth control. Also, I know its your values/beliefs but as a health care provider your job is to provide teaching and let the patient make her own choice on whether or not she wants bc. If it is that big of a deal for you then how would you let future patients know that you have limited services and artificial birth control is not one of your services?

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    lol. I'm a cna and I will be paged to 3 different rooms at once then a minute later they will redo the pages in a more hasty tone. And they keep paging every minute until myself or someone else answers the page. I don't know why they expect me to be able to be at multiple places at once, I want to yell at her to calm down and I'll be there when I be there. And they know that it's me because they say my name each time.

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    When I did my mental health clinical my mom and fiance asked me the same questions. "Omg, aren't you scared?"; I only had 1 day that I was a little bit frightened because a couple of the patients had outbursts and weren't cooperating. But then again, it was only my 3rd or 4th day and I know if I worked in the field I would learn how to communicate and work with the patients when those situations occurred.

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    I bought a cheap one on allheart but the it sucks. It would always end up on the bell side and I would have to turn it for minutes before it would finally get on the diaphragm side. So for my final year I invested in a good littman that was on sale on allheart.

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    I plan to be there about 30 mins early in case of traffic or anything else, but I don't walk in until 5 to 10 minutes prior.

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    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! I don't understand why people don't wash or hands and think its okay.