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    Yep, I graduated in December 2013 with my RN, BSN and am having no luck getting even a call back. I applied for my California license in March but they are so inundated that I have not received it yet. I also applied for a Florida license a few weeks ago. I am hoping for something to break free and be given the chance at an interview at some point. To date I have applied in AZ, CA, FL, NM, TX, and CO to any job posting that will take a new graduate nurse. I believe we all are struggling with that "unwanted" feeling. I have to remind myself why I chose to give up a great career with wonderful people to finally finish my dream/goal in the medical field. For better or worse I am married to the field of nursing, not to mention I am getting too old to pursue another area in healthcare. I am however considering furthering my education (MSN, NP) not only for myself but also in hopes of becoming a working (real) nurse. At this point in time, unfortunately I would highly discourage anyone to get themselves in debt with an education that proves to be so difficult to gain employment from.