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    Thank you so much for the reply and the info I am looking into it as we speak..uh...write!!

    Quote from healtheducator
    Don't get too excited about my post yet - I do not live in NC. However, I plan to one day - my (and my husband's) "thing" is hiking and nature. Our last two vacations were spent hiking near Boone and we LOVE the mountains!

    I would call some of the hospitals around there and ask your questions. You can also look on major job search engines such as Monster and Careerbuilder for positions in the Asheville area, and there is always information available from the city's chamber of commerce (on-line also). I would definitely check out, an Ashville paper, not only as a resource, but to see the devastation Ivan left behind! :-(

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    I was wondering if anyone living and working in North Carolina might be able to give a little info to a nursing student looking to move to NC when school's out. I have lived there before (Asheville) and loved it but I was much younger, single and was a Chef (then 24, now 31 w/ a family). I love the climate and attitude of the people but I have no idea of the nursing situation in that area (e.g. shortage, job satisfaction, high education...). I live in Sarasota Florida now and the Jobs here are good. The hospitals reimburse for education and the starting unexperienced nursing wage is about $19.00 and hour for RN's (not per diem). If anyone has some info, I would love and appreciate it.
    Thank you